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Lernnex brings e-learning and upskill training to the next corporate level in time of crisis

Lernnex brings e-learning and upskill training to the next corporate level in time of crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic that has left many countries in social and economic devastation has forced businesses and organizations – from the biggest to the most independent – to reevaluate their systems and find new ways to cope in this time of crisis. And with a cure and vaccine far from sight, these corporations have to make the hard decision of creating and adapting to the “new normal.”

With work-from-home arrangements and social distancing as part of the new norm, organizations must rethink the ways (and possibilities) of how to stay connected and engaged with their people.

Interactive and Cost-Effective E-Learning System

Founded in 2018, Lernnex is the premier Online Learning Management System (LMS) designed to be fully-customizable to meet every company’s needs. It is developed by the founders Jerry Ilao and Rio Ilao, offering a timely solution for adaptable, agile communication.

With Lernnex, it fulfills an important role that allows companies to communicate and engage with their people in the digital sphere, helping to maintain a sense of community in times of crisis.

But more than a mere communication platform, Lernnex offers a cost-effective means for continuous employee learning (upskill training). While in their respective homes, employees can be trained through the custom sessions hosted on the secure site.

Online Corporate Training Platform Solutions

Lernnex helps corporations in designing learning materials for the upskilling of their employees and uploads these trainings, modules and manuals, and policies onto the platform. Here, safe and secure, and without burdening the company’s own servers, employees and executives can access these corporate digital assets on their own laptops and mobile phones, wherever they are in the country.

Lernnex, a leader in modern communication, closely collaborates with client companies in custom designing their materials, transforming the content into engaging, interactive sessions and modules for the new age e-learner. “Lernnex allows you to set the standards in training, and allows employees to access these at their most convenient time. They can watch or read materials while in transit, during their break, or even when they’re at home,” adds Jerry.  

The benefits of Lernnex are numerous and far reaching for any corporate organization. Companies can host remote training, conduct orientations, build a curriculum for leadership and skills development, launch livestream sessions, and share manuals, technical guides, videos, policies, and other important corporate materials all from one site.

As it customizes the complete learning system for client corporations, Lernnex also ensures security and confidentiality. Corporations don’t have to worry about video piracy as all materials are protected by the same encryption technology used by Netflix.

For more information, visit www.lernnex.com or send an inquiry to Lernnex via email at [email protected].


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