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Lenovo Awarded as the ASEAN Partner of the Year of SentinelOne, Celebrating the Strategic Partnership for Security Solutions

Lenovo Awarded as the ASEAN Partner of the Year of SentinelOne, Celebrating the Strategic Partnership for Security Solutions

(From left to right: Ken Marks, Vice President of Worldwide Channels at SentinelOne, Kyle Bunting, Software and Solutions Lead at Lenovo Asia Pacific, Joe McPhillips, Senior Director of Channel Sales at SentinelOne Asia-Pacific and Japan, Craig Lim, Channel Director at SentinelOne ASEAN, Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Lenovo has been awarded as the ASEAN partner of the year by cybersecurity company, SentinelOne.. The award is testament to Lenovo’s commitment as a comprehensive services and solutions provider that  empowers organizations with end-to-end technology solutions that help transform their vision into reality.

“We are very grateful and proud of the success and trust that SentinelOne has shown in our partnership. From development, to supply chain, for the entire lifecycle of our devices, security is at the heart of everything we do. We look forward to working closely with SentinelOne to provide more protections from today’s sophisticated cybercriminals to our customers,” said Ronnie Lee, Director of Services Sales at Lenovo Central Asia Pacific.

Lenovo and SentinelOne announced a strategic partnership in 2020 to integrate SentinelOne’s autonomous endpoint protection platform within Lenovo’s ThinkShield security portfolio. Our Center Asia Pacific Software and Cyber teams worked together with the S1 team and got significant wins in the region. Recently, they have successfully gained a deal with a leading solution provider in the textile industry, which has its global IT and operations headquarter in Singapore. Having an intention to gradually shift from endpoint security towards full-scope managed cybersecurity service, Lenovo’s ThinkShield security offerings played an integral role in aligning with the client’s needs. It marks a success of our partnership with SentinelOne to deliver end-to-end security solutions that address customers’ unique requirements throughout their journeys.


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