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Keep your passion going with Globe Prepaid’s GoRENEW

Keep your passion going with Globe Prepaid’s GoRENEW

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s easy for Gen Zs to get caught up in the rush of schoolwork deadlines, household chores, hot gossip with the barkada, or simply keeping up with their favorite shows, especially during the holiday season. Throughout life’s chaos, it is important to cherish the happy moments and even prolong them as much as possible. Thankfully, Globe Prepaid’s latest auto-renewal service helps subscribers to do just that.

GoRENEW is a great new feature that empowers the youth to take on life’s challenges without worrying about the expiration of their prepaid promos. The auto-renewal service allows subscribers to stay connected whether at home or on the go so they can continue to pursue their passions.

Below are five ways subscribers can make the most out of their prepaid promo and keep their passions going with GoRENEW:

Keep the aegyo going

Although life can get so hectic, sometimes immersing yourself in another culture provides comfort. Ride the Hallyu wave and enjoy all things Korean whether it’s binging your bias’ fan cam or finding the ultimate sundubu-jjigae recipe online, GoRENEW allows you to stay updated on the latest trends and bring out your inner Korean for non-stop aegyo moments.

Keep the fan theories coming

Hate spoilers? Keep the drama going and stay up to date on the latest episode of your favorite shows. Globe Prepaid’s auto-renew service keeps you in-the-know with the power of all-access data for consistent streaming experience, allowing you to dive in and theorize on all the latest action, kilig, and drama in between, together with your barkada.

Keep the music flowing

There’s something so empowering about letting the music take flight, no matter the mood. From moody vibes to groovy jives, having the perfect playlist to fit the bill is crucial to tackling incoming deadlines or simply setting the mood for a chill afternoon. Indulge in a sonic state of bliss without worrying about your subscription ending so soon.

Keep the GG going

Being in the heat of the moment, battling out in the arena with the squad then suddenly getting a notification at the end of your subscription can get frustrating. Say goodbye to dull moments and keep the GG going so you can bring home that well-deserved victory.

Keep the grind going

Staying connected with school and work has become an integral part of Gen Zs daily hustle. It’s important to stay in the know and never miss a notification —from important groupwork updates to work besties’ latest chika in between important emails, Globe’s got you covered!

Globe Prepaid subscribers can now avail GoRENEW, which automatically registers their chosen promos again upon expiration, so they can tick one item off their to-do list. Just make sure you have enough load for your promo to renew automatically.

There’s a wide range of promos to choose from. 7-day validity promos include Go90, Go120, Go140, GoUNLI95, SURF4ALL99, SURF4ALL249, GoEXTRA90, and GoEXTRA99. They can also go the extra mile with 15-day validity promos like Go250, Go400, GoUNLI180.

Registration is made simple, easy, and familiar. This can be done via GCash and *143# but the best way to get to this new offering is through the Globe One App. Subscribers can simply go on the app and activate the GoRENEW button under the promo description before proceeding to payment.

“We are thrilled for our subscribers to use GoRENEW and experience the convenience of non-stop connection so they are better equipped to face life’s challenges,” says Givielle Florida, Globe Prepaid Brand Head. “This auto-renewal service enables subscribers to experience Globe’s most reliable 5G network so they can take on their passions and own the future,” she adds.

For more information about this Globe innovation that empowers Gen Zs to keep doing what they love, visit www.globe.com.ph/prepaid/gorenew.


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