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Investing in health and immunity as we age

Investing in health and immunity as we age

 As we age, we realize how truly important it is to invest in our health. Boosting one’s immunity has become more imperative at a time when there is an increased threat in people’s physical well-being, especially as you age. As such, older people tend to develop more underlying, long-term health problems.

Health as investment

Good health is one of the best things we can give ourselves. Mead Johnson’s PROVITAL Immuna Plus is inviting Filipinos to invest in a healthier lifestyle and help enhance their immunity. PROVITAL Immuna Plus is an adult milk brand with Yeast Beta-glucan, a key immune-boosting ingredient which is clinically proven to reduce symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) by 64%2.

“The new normal has become a wake-up call for all of us to really value our health and a strong immune system. This is why Mead Johnson is proud to introduce PROVITAL Immuna Plus while encouraging more Filipinos to embrace a healthier lifestyle,” explained Aleli Arcilla, President & General Manager, Reckitt Philippines. “Our older population are some of the most at risk and vulnerable when there are serious health threats. The good thing is that they can do something about it by taking extra good care of themselves through proper nutrition, balanced diet and exercise.”

PROVITAL Immuna Plus has Triple Immune Protection benefits, formulated with yeast beta-glucan, scientifically proven to help activate immune response to fight against infections and colds2. It also contains Selenium and Vitamin C, powerful antioxidants that help regulate immune function and strengthen defense3,4.  It is also a High Source of Vitamins A, C, E and Zinc, which help promote normal immune function. All these nutrients help activate and strengthen the body’s natural defenses so that people 50 years old and above can live their life to the fullest.

Celebrity wellness inspirations

When it comes to aging gracefully and living a healthy lifestyle, many of us look up to celebrities for inspiration. Actress Dawn Zulueta, host-news personality Suzi Entrata-Abrera, and lifestyle influencer Chuckie Dreyfus are just three of the personalities who demonstrate that looking good and feeling good requires a holistic approach. From exuding positivity to staying fit and active, they also incorporate PROVITAL Immuna Plus in their daily diet.  

Dawn, Suzie, and Chucky, recently started sharing on Instagram how PROVITAL Immuna Plus helps enhance their lives.

“The fact is, as we age, our immune health also weakens. The pandemic brought on uncertain times, so it’s good to be reminded to keep our immunity in check,” shared Dawn on her Instagram post. “Despite the pandemic, I know I can count on Provital Immuna Plus to help enhance my immunity so that I can start living like a pro.”

“We need to approach health and wellness in an integrated manner. Just like Dawn, Suzi and Chuckie, drinking PROVITAL Immuna Plus twice a day while eating healthy and keeping an active lifestyle will give us a strong fighting chance against life-threatening diseases,” added Arcilla.


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About The Author

Jallison Baldueza is our resident content assistant author and junior graphic artist in charge of content and article posting. For press release, articles and contributions please e-mail us at [email protected].

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