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Huggies Club: Facebook Live focus on mental health and well-being of parents featuring Dimples Romana

Huggies Club: Facebook Live focus on mental health and well-being of parents featuring Dimples Romana

Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies brand has been on top of addressing the most-pressing concerns and queries facing them today with the launch of its online series, Huggies Club: Facebook Live.

Three weeks since its launch, the digital videos have provided comfort and care to over 800,000 parents and their children by giving them a channel to access expert tips and advice; and connecting them with fellow parents and healthcare professionals.

Plagued with constant worries and anxious thoughts as they adjust to the new normal, Huggies understands that these unique circumstances pose new challenges for parents and could lead them feeling unsure of how to properly raise their children. That is why Huggies Club: Facebook Live aims to tackle a variety of topics and themes, regardless of what stage in the parenting journey you are in. Whether you’re an expectant mom, a new dad, or going on your nth child, each session is designed to give useful tidbits of information that both parents and children can use to help them deal with the unique situation they find ourselves in today.

From prepping moms to have a safe and worry-free delivery in the middle of a pandemic, teaching parents how to keep their children holistically healthy in a time that has forced us to adjust to a new way of life, to learning new family habits to practice, Huggies Club: Facebook Live is dedicated to helping parents learn to embrace and transition into this whole new world.

Continuing the trend, Huggies Club: Facebook Live will be hosting two (2) more sessions on May 23 and 30, at 8pm. Livestreaming on the official Huggies Facebook page (Huggies PH), the upcoming episodes will focus on the mental health and well-being of parents, as well as the physical and nutritional health for the family. Leading the discussion will be celebrity guest mom Dimples Romana and guest experts who will deal with topics such as achieving work-life balance now that we are more encouraged to work from home, and improving our moods through food, physical activity, and fun do-it-yourself activities.

By connecting more moms to healthcare professionals based on relatable experiences and factual advice, Huggies further pushes its role as a reliable support system for parents and their children, offering them a safe and caring community during this time.

Like and follow Huggies Philippines Facebook page to stay updated on the latest announcements and updates. Register at Huggies Club today to gain access to more exclusive content and valuable parenting tips, all for free! For more information, visit https://www.huggies.com.ph/.

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