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How to Capture Lasting Memories with the Perfect Wedding Gear
How to Capture Lasting Memories with the Perfect Wedding Gear

How to Capture Lasting Memories with the Perfect Wedding Gear

Visually captivating photos and cinematic videos are today’s currency of lasting memories. At the height of Instagram-worthy images, wedding pictures have followed the course, and for the masters of wedding documentation, there is no hit-or-miss moment. 

Photographers, videographers can agree that capturing moments and turning them into beautiful photographs and videos are the combined results of skills and the ability to establish relationship with the subject matter, but most importantly, owning the right tools and gears are likewise necessary investments to create that lasting impact.

Sony Philippines takes a deep dive into the stories of wedding photo and video storytellers. Photographers Jiggie Alejandrino, Ryan Ortega, and videographer Jay Palmares (director from Mayad Studios) share their insights about the perfect wedding gear, and how it helps them to make every couple’s wedding goals dream come true.

What makes a good wedding photographer/videographer?

Jiggie, Ryan, and Jay agreed that the success of their work is defined by the feedback from their clients. “One the best compliment I got is from the mother of the groom saying that I’ve captured the essence of eternal love through my lens.” Jiggie explained. Ryan and Jay added that getting referrals and turning clients into friends is a testament of good work.

Being able to capture rare and sacred moments and making them look good is not enough for these three. “More than producing memorable photos, I want to make them feel good about themselves, that’s why I see to it that the couple and their family members are relaxed when I shoot them.” Ryan said. “Each wedding is unique and our work as videographers is to translate  the different personalities of a couple and make it into a one of a kind ceremony through the SDEs that we produce.” Jay added.

What are some of the important features and specifications a camera for wedding photography should require?

Jiggie Alejandrino who specializes in lighting shares, “For me, the dynamic range system makes everything easier. This feature allows us to capture improved subject visibility even in high contrast lighting or dim lit areas in the location. The Sony cameras that I use focus more on the image quality and dynamic range with the 42.2-megapixel full-frame sensor transforming the scene and making it into something different.”

Sony cameras are developed with full-frame sensors that produce better image quality at high ISO sensitivity. “From my experience, I believe that besides mastering the gear, behind a great photograph is the power features of the camera itself.” he added.

Another important feature when shooting weddings, considering the constant change of locations, is the weight and the size of the camera. Ryan Ortega who specializes in destination weddings claims that the Sony camera’s portability, compactness, and the full frame mirrorless camera design works perfectly for his specialty. Ryan said, “It is now possible to shoot destination weddings by myself, without compromising on the quality of the images that are being produced.” He also mentioned that with the A9, A7RM3, A7M3 he can finish the wedding ceremony with just one battery pack, two at most.

Wedding creative director, cinematographer and videographer Jay Palmares also supports the claim that with the compact system design of the Sony camera, he can travel with more camera bodies and lenses when he does shoots. He also adds that this feature is a big factor to consider in doing shoots because compared to before setting up the gear now became more efficient. “As a wedding video director, I work with a lot of inevitable elements, Sony helps me achieve the desirable outtake despite those challenges.” Jay said. The HDR system and the ISO sensitivity

Sony cameras gives him more creative freedom when he does shoots. These features enable him to capture a more artistic and complex mood when shooting in different settings.

What are your advice to aspiring wedding photographers when it comes to investing in a wedding gear?

Jiggie advised to invest in a system that you can afford but never settle. “Make it a point to continually improve the quality of your shots and get the best possible equipment for your clients to enhance your business.”  Meanwhile, Ryan said that portability is key especially if you want to focus on destination wedding, “The quality and quantity of a camera would take you a long way.” And Jay’s two cents on budding videographers, “You must constantly evolve your style, find a camera that would give you optimal results and at the same boosts your creativity and lets you experiment with shots while maximizing the features and specs it offers.”                                                   

Sony cameras have evolved and set an even higher bar when it comes to picture quality and camera portability. With the arrow and Indian argument, the arrow being the camera gear and the Indian being the photographer, the outcome still greatly depends on how talented and creative the photographer is, but with the Sony camera series, it upgraded and changed the game for the better – making it the perfect wedding gear.

For more information, visit www.sony.com.ph, like facebook.com/SonyPhilippines , or follow twitter.com/SonyPHinc and Instagram.com/sonyPHInc.

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