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How brands use Twitter to inform, help, entertain, and connect with Filipinos

How brands use Twitter to inform, help, entertain, and connect with Filipinos

As we all heal as one, every help and sentiment counts so that we could improve and know how we can lift each other up. As the real-time platform for #WhatsHappening in and out of the country, Twitter enables Filipinos to actively express themselves, especially on how they would like to see brands in action nowadays. These conversations give brands an insight on how to properly launch their initiatives and connect to the Filipinos to respond and be of help in times of need.

Here are 4 ways on how brands are reaching out to connect with Filipinos on Twitter:

  1. Share accurate and reliable information

Since a lot has been happening lately, new stories and developments usually come anytime. It is important to get the news while they are still fresh off the source, so brands nowadays are helping in spreading accurate and reliable information to keep Filipinos updated. They also share tips and other practical advice on how to be safe and healthy at home.

According to the Global Web Index, 76% of Filipinos on Twitter believe that social media companies should provide fact-check content to help people cope with the outbreak. With this, Twitter launched a dedicated COVID-19 Events page and #COVID19 search prompt to bring credible information from official authorities and accounts. To use the COVID-19 Events page feature, go to the Explore tab if using a desktop or see the top of the home timeline for mobile users. To see all of the latest steps Twitter is taking in response to Covid-19, visit covid19.twitter.com.

  1. Helping Filipinos in any way they can

Even before, brands allot time and effort to give back to the community. Today, their contribution also plays an important role in helping the entire nation rise against the pandemic.

There are various ways on how brands are providing customer service and support. 90% of Filipinos on Twitter agree that the best way for brands and companies to respond to #COVID19 is to offer free services or make free versions of their platform. The sentiments are heard as some brands went to Twitter to announce their initiatives, such as Microsoft Philippines’ (@MicrosoftPH) Microsoft 365 free trial and Angkas’ (@angkas) food delivery service wherein 100% of the delivery fee will go to the bikers.

  1. Find ways to entertain people

We can still comfort and interact with one another through conversations on Twitter. As people spread messages of hope and inspiration, brands are using Twitter to make each other’s day a little bit brighter through entertaining and interactive Tweets. For example, Netflix Philippines (@Netflix_PH) and National Book Store (@nbsalert) provide amusing content such as these guessing games on movies and book titles.

  1. Keep Filipinos connected

Though we should practice social distancing, staying online can keep us easily connected to our communities. Apart from virus-related information, brands lead the way in creating conversations that can connect and hopefully share optimism to people. For example, brands such as McDo Philippines (@McDo_PH) and PLDT Home (@PLDTHome) made sure to remember and celebrate Mother’s Day amid the pandemic. Moments like this can uplift our spirits and remind us that we are all united as we face the unusual times together.

The challenge we are facing today calls for brands, authorities, and people to work hand in hand. By launching projects and campaigns that help many, brands on Twitter are able to connect with the Filipinos by addressing what they need and showing a heart for service.


About The Author

Raymund Ravanera is an accomplished and experienced graphic designer with almost 20 years of creative expertise working in the graphic design industry. He loves the latest gadgets, food and movies. Currently, he owns and manages megabites.com.ph, an online technology and lifestyle blog since 2015.

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