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Honda PH brings the fun of CM Challenge Run in Cebu
Honda PH brings the fun of CM Challenge Run in Cebu

Honda PH brings the fun of CM Challenge Run in Cebu

Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), the number one motorcycle manufacturer in the Philippines, joins Color Manila CHALLENGE RUN in Cebu City.

After joining the Clark, Laguna, and Taguig legs last March, April, and June respectively, HPI now takes the fun and excitement of the biggest obstacle fun run in Cebu. To match the concept of the event, the motorcycle brand takes the lineup of the Honda BeAT, its newest scooter with nine unique local colors and smart enhanced smart features.

HPI also brings a test ride course with the Riders’ Skills Challenge featuring a complete learn-to-ride program for Honda’s automatic models, which match with the fun and youthful vibe in the event.

Color Manila’s CM CHALLENGE RUN is a unique event with exciting twists where participating runners will have to skip, hop, slide, crawl, and run, all while they are brimming in colored powders from the color stations situated throughout the route. Challengers can run a 5K distance. It is capped off with the latest beats from the DJ while colored powders are thrown in the air.

Founded in 2012, Color Manila is the pioneer of colorful and fun concept runs in the Philippines. Runners can choose to join different concept runs such as CM Classic, CM Blacklight, CM Paradise, CM Glitter, and CM Challenge, to spread the excitement and fun of running one city at a time.

This active and exciting lifestyle is what HPI aims to express for the fun-loving Filipino millennials. As such, with their new ONE DREAM campaign, HPI unites all motorcycle lovers and Filipinos by serving as a tool in helping people achieve their dream through this event.

For more information, visit www.colormanila.com or follow their Facebook and www.facebook.com/colormanila/ and twitter @Colormanila. You can also follow Honda Philippines, Inc. on Facebook – www.facebook.com/hondaph/ or visit their official website – www.hondaph.com.


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