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Grand Opening of Lashinbang Store in Hong Kong Mong Kok T.O.P on 24th April!

Grand Opening of Lashinbang Store in Hong Kong Mong Kok T.O.P on 24th April!

Lashinbang, a company in Japan that has 53 stores in the whole Japan and also 5 stores overseas in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Singapore will open their 6th store in the 4th floor of Hong Kong Mong Kok T.O.P Mall and this counts as their 2nd store in Hong Kong.

In 2019, Lashinbang opened their first store in Hong Kong at Lok Fu Place UNY store, while in their first store they sell general anime goods that mostly from JUMP series, this time they have prepared a selective collection of 20,000 goods that is keeping up with the recent trends! Some of the collection that they will sell is goods from Demon Slayer, BanG Dream!, Haikyuu! Gintama and many recents titles that is really on the hype right now. And as for their grand opening they will also held 3 campaigns to commomerate. The details of those campaigns are listed below:

1) You will receive 1 Original Lashinbang Notebook if you purchase more than 100HKD!
2) The limited stock [Treasure Chest] that sold all the 200 stocks within one day in Lashinbang UNY store will also be on sale on the opening fair!
3) The points that you received will be doubled for Lashinbang Hong Kong Membership Card

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