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GoDigital introduces OKTO Pay, OKTO Loyalty and OKTO POS to benefit consumers and help digitize business of SME’s
GoDigital introduces OKTO Pay, OKTO Loyalty and OKTO POS to benefit consumers and help digitize business of SME’s

GoDigital introduces OKTO Pay, OKTO Loyalty and OKTO POS to benefit consumers and help digitize business of SME’s

GoDigital, a Filipino owned start up company, unveiled its three new digital solution with cashless payments transactions, POS System, loyalty and rewards program built for the consumers and SME’s. Introducing the OKTO Pay, OKTO Loyalty and OKTO POS a cost-effective platform for consumers that enable hassle-free cashless payments alongside engaging retention programs. While the business sectors or SME’s to help them digitize while optimizing efficiency and maximizing their resources.


Easy-to-use digital wallet that enables cashless transactions to both the business and the consumer.  OKTO Pay conveniently opens bills payment options, loading services, and e-pins purchasing to the users through the app. OKTO Pay accepts cashless transactions and other services with or without an internet connection. All this made available with zero maintaining balance. Just simply top up to reload cash into your wallet then using a QR Code or NFC to make purchases or payments.

OKTO Loyalty

SMEs can now drive customer loyalty in their business with this reward program from OKTO. It’s a fast and easy way for SMEs to customize how their clients get rewarded, receive promotions and enjoy targeted benefits. it gives the business the power to target whom they want to reward, when they want to reward, and how they want the users to go and get the reward. OKTO Loyalty makes rewarding fun and engaging for both the business and the consumer. This loyalty app will become available as an update on the first week of March.


Built for SMEs to take the next step into digitization, OKTO POS is an all-in-one, customizable and easy-to-use POS system designed to help simplify and streamline inventory management, sales, and cash flow. It provides a simple POS platform complete with inventory management, cashless transactions and custom reports complete with a full-fledged back-end office giving the modern SME, whether retail or service, a complete platform that fits their budget.

In a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) mentorship program last year, Secretary Ramon Lopez underscored the urgency for MSMEs to digitize their businesses, stressing that digital technology equalizes the playing field as it provides greater access to product and business model ideas, innovative products and processes, and market access among other benefits.

With no signs of stopping and a new lineup of products commissioned by SMEs and corporations, and over 400,000 users pending to be converted from partners into the OKTO system with estimated completion by July; 2019 is truly the time for Philippine businesses to go-digital.

Main top photo: (L-R) GoDigital Lead Engineer Mark Lorenz Ong, GoDigital Marketing Director Mark Joseph Gomez, GoDigital Chief Technology Officer Roland Christian Chua Jr., GoDigital General Manager Kriza Diane Sy, and GoDigital Lead Engineer Ace Louie Eusebio.

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