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Globe reinvents new ways to enjoy and experience Virtual Hangouts for Go JAM, Go ESports, Go Korean and Go Campus

Globe reinvents new ways to enjoy and experience Virtual Hangouts for Go JAM, Go ESports, Go Korean and Go Campus

In a 360-degree view event space on YouTube, Globe offers a new level of experience to reinvent and enjoy the ways of entertainment from concerts, school fairs, KPop fan meets and even gaming tournaments thru Globe’s prepaid Virtual Hangouts. 

Present during the 360-degree virtual event to discuss more about what customers to expect on the reinvented Virtual Hanghouts is Kaisie Del Carmen-San Pablo the Brand Head for Globe Prepaid.

Globe virtual event in a 360-degree experience on YouTube

For Go Jam, prepaid customers will have an upgraded access in a more immersive experience through a 360-degree view of performances via Go Jam Live and a much closer look the artists creative journey through a choose your own endings technology much like banter-snatch.

Go Korean will now give Filipino KPop fans a full on cake culture experience through interactive events like design your cup sleeves for the famous girl group BlackPink. Opening the doors for more KDrama, KMovies, KSuperstars with the addition of using various platforms such a Shure, Upstream or V Live for concerts and showing even uncut edits of some of the favorite K Movies.

For GoEsports gaming enthusiasts can get exclusive learn from a pro mentoring sessions from actual pros like Team Liyab of the Philippines and brand Esports champions from last year’s Super Gamer Fest 2020.

Lastly, Go Campus is still redesigning the campus grounds virtually but the Globe team are adding more exciting features plus a more relevant and informed content for this years reinvented Virtual Youth Summit. Globe also officially anounces it will have its first-ever 5G hackathon event.

For more updates and the latest Virtual Hangouts happening visit: https://www.globe.com.ph/prepaid/virtual-hangouts.html#gref

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