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Globe Business Ties up with Inquiro to Enrich Customer Insighting and Fuel Enterprise Growth

Globe Business Ties up with Inquiro to Enrich Customer Insighting and Fuel Enterprise Growth

Globe Business has teamed up with Inquiro—a data technology company under AdSpark Holdings, Inc. and 917Ventures, Globe’s corporate venture builder—to revolutionize how businesses engage with their customers. The partnership aims to allow enterprises to capture a bigger chunk of the growing online market by gathering deep insights about their consumers and building smarter campaigns that resonate deeply with their target audience.

The collaboration gives companies unique access to trends and available data they need to better understand consumer behavior and make data-driven decisions that will enable customers to connect with their brands.

“We continue to evolve with the times and diversify beyond telco services by expanding our portfolio companies. We aim to provide customers and enterprises with holistic and data-centric ICT solutions and seamless digital experiences to help them thrive,” said Raymond Policarpio, Vice President for Business Strategy and Marketing for Globe Business, Enterprise Group.

With Inquiro, companies unlock a world of data-driven insights across omnichannel touchpoints that will let them create sharper content, execute intelligent and tailor-fit digital campaigns, and push their products to the right audiences, all through an easy-to-use platform. More importantly, Inquiro puts a premium on data privacy, ensuring that customer information that clients already own are merely processed and enriched. The data being profiled is also aggregated and anonymized.

When companies sign up for Inquiro’s solutions through the help of Globe Business, they can immediately start building customer segments, discover compatible audiences, and craft marketing materials based on relevant profiles.

Make stronger audience connections with Inquiro’s data-driven products

Among its products is an intuitive self-service dashboard called 360º Intelligence Dashboard + Audience Builder. It gives users a holistic view of consumer behaviors and trends, and allows them to understand their customers on a deeper level—their profiles, interests, and buying patterns. With this valuable consumer information, they can create more meaningful and personalized customer experiences by delivering more tailored ads, promos, and offers.

Inquiro’s Credibility Score measures the quality and overall behavior of customers. With this solution, organizations can evaluate customer credibility, despite limited to no financial data, so that companies can provide their customers with access to a wider range of financial products. This aligns with Globe’s sustainability efforts, one of which includes empowering Filipinos through financial inclusivity.

Together with Globe Business, Inquiro will further expand to include Acquisition Suite and Market Scan, along with other data-driven solutions. These solutions will enable enterprises to look beyond their current audience base, seek new customers, bring in new business, and gain market trends and powerful insights—giving way to building purposeful services for all kinds of consumers.

To know more about Inquiro and other intuitive solutions from Globe, visit our website or schedule a consultation with your Globe Business Enterprise Account Manager.


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