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Get Streamtech as Your Back-to-School Partner

Get Streamtech as Your Back-to-School Partner

As previously announced by the DepEd, this week marks the opening of this school year 2021-2022. Despite the prohibition of face-to face classes, education in the country will still continue through online learning.

Useful Tips for a Successful Back to School

That is why it is important for students to prepare the things that they will need for another successful year of distance learning. Below are five (5) of these useful tips:

1. Have the right smart gadgets.

Since learning will take place in the digital realm, one cannot survive without an electronic device. These may be any of the following: a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Truly, these gadgets are useful when attending virtual classes via Google Meet or Zoom, or when using the new Learning Management System. Consequently, knowing the recommended specifications will be useful to check if the gadgets are suitable to use in a learning environment.

2. Get a reliable and fast internet.

Of course, your smart gadgets should come in tandem with a stable and high-speed internet connection. This will enable students to experience seamless online learning, most especially during classes and presentations.

It is also instrumental in ensuring that students will be able to pass their requirements. For instance, students with poor connection sometimes find difficulty in downloading and uploading resources and doing research. Hence, their learning is hindered. The worst case scenario is not being able to pass the requirement at all.

Worry no more! Streamtech, the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet, has got your back! It offers reliable, high-speed, and unlimited internet plans at affordable prices, which are perfect for our students’ online needs. Aside from that, it also has various promo offerings that will surely lower the costs for students and teachers, alike.

You can visit the Streamtech website or its Official Facebook Page to subscribe or for more details.

3. Dress appropriately.

Get that uniform ready. Have it washed and ironed. And if not required to wear a uniform, each student must ensure that they wear appropriate clothing during classes. A polo shirt or shirt is generally acceptable.

Teachers nowadays are usually required to take a snap or screenshot of their online classes. Hence, they require students to turn on their cameras during this specific moment. Indeed, it is always best to have yourself always prepared.

4. Designate a place to study.

To help each student stay focused on their studies, it is important to have a designated study space. Since all of them are staying at home, some might fall tardy or feel lazy, most especially when attending class in bed. Hence, it will be helpful to have a specific spot where the student will attend class from home.

5. Practice self-care: eat well and take breaks.

Food is a basic need of the human body. It fuels you and gives you strength and a clear mind. Hence, it impacts your school performance as well. If a student has not eaten his breakfast, there is a tendency that his body will not function in an optimal condition. He may feel lousy or find it hard to absorb the topics being discussed. There’s also a possibility to experience headache. Thus, eating healthy and nutritious food during the appropriate mealtime is a must.

Lastly, taking regular breaks from sitting in front of your device is also of paramount importance. One may feel dizzy from staring at the screen all day long. Therefore, small pocket breaks will liven you up and forge your energy back.

With the possibility of face-to-face classes still a blur, online education and its related tools will continue to flourish. And every one of us is left with no choice but to adapt to this rapid digital transformation. Since everything is connected through the internet, we should always get a reliable internet service provider, like Streamtech.

But more than preparing the digital aspects of our needs, we should always take care of ourselves so that we will be able to reap the fruits of our hardships in the future.

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