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Get set for the POCO Carnival with a series of exciting events and Mega-Sale to celebrate the 5th anniversary

Get set for the POCO Carnival with a series of exciting events and Mega-Sale to celebrate the 5th anniversary

POCO, a popular technology brand amongst the younger generation of tech enthusiasts, officially announced its “POCO Carnival” campaign in celebration of its 5th anniversary. Along with exciting birthday happenings, POCO is offering amazing discounts on a wide range of smartphones in a special celebratory “Anniversary Mega-Sale”.

With customers’ needs always in mind, POCO’s anniversary carnival is focused on further strengthening the relationship with its users, whilst seeking to learn even more about the needs of the young Gen-Z generation. With an exciting series of anniversary events, POCO is dedicated to building a strong connection and interaction with its loyal audience.

With the theme “Go loco for POCO”, the brand aims to kick off the carnival atmosphere with its fans through excitingly engaging and crazy experiences involving POCO products. As part of the celebrations, POCO will be rewarding POCO fans with surprising gifts, in return for them sharing their craziest memories with a global audience of tech enthusiasts. What’s more, POCO values every fan and believes the glorious success achieved in its 5 years is inseparable from POCO fans’ continuous support. By sharing their personal photos of POCO F1, special limited-edition and customized gifts will be offered as a token of appreciation to loyal fans. Through this grand online ceremony, POCO and its fans will have the opportunity to showcase their confident, unique and disruptive attitude.

Those findings supported by key survey data are to be shared at the “POCO Partners Southeast Asia Forum 2023 – Next steps: Gen Z changes the game” in Bangkok, Thailand on August 21st. During the forum, Anne Wang, Head of Marketing at POCO Global, explained how the mid-range or quasi-flagship smartphones have been rapidly closing the gap on what are traditionally considered premium phones in the last two years, now offering almost identical extended battery life, larger storage, a stronger processor, more RAM, and an excellent display, at much more practical and affordable price points.

Go loco for POCO and make your move today!

Take advantage of these best-selling POCO phones at incredible discounts during the POCO Carnival – exclusively available online via Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop:


Exclusive on Shopee SRP Carnival Price
POCO M4 5G 4GB+64GB PHP 9,599 PHP 6,999
Poco X5 6GB+128GB PHP 14,999 PHP 13,499
POCO X5 Pro 6GB+128GB PHP 18,999 PHP 16,990
POCO M4 5G 4GB+64GB PHP 9,599 PHP 6,999


Exclusive on Lazada SRP Carnival Price
POCO M5 6+128GB PHP 10,499 PHP 7,999
POCO X5 6+128GB PHP 14,999 PHP 11,999
POCO X5 PRO 5G 6+128GB PHP 16,999 PHP 14,599
POCO X5 PRO 5G 8+256GB PHP 18,999 PHP 16,299
POCO F5 5G 12+256GB PHP 22,999 PHP 20,699
POCO F5 5G 8+256GB PHP 20,999 PHP 18,899
POCO F5 Pro 5G 8+256GB PHP 26,999 PHP 24,299


Exclusive on TikTok Shop SRP Carnival Price
POCO C40 4+64GB PHP 7,499 PHP 5,999
POCO M5 6+128GB PHP 10,499 PHP 8,299
POCO X5 5G 6+128GB PHP 14,999 PHP 12,999
POCO X5 PRO 5G 6+128GB PHP 16,999 PHP 13,299
POCO X5 PRO 5G 8+256GB PHP 18,999 PHP 16,099
POCO F5 8+256GB PHP 20,999 PHP 18,299
POCO F5 12+256GB PHP 22,999 PHP 20,099
POCO F5 PRO 8+256GB PHP 26,999 PHP 23,999
POCO F5 PRO 12+256GB PHP 28,999 PHP 26,999
POCO F5 PRO 12+512GB PHP 30,999 PHP 28,699


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