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German-brand Kress offers latest innovative power tools in the PH
German-brand Kress offers latest innovative power tools in the PH

German-brand Kress offers latest innovative power tools in the PH

With over 50 years of experience in the power tools industry, German brand Kress has finally sets foot on the Philippine market with  a grand launch last March 6, 2019, at the Grand Hyatt Manila.

Equipped with 90 years of experience in the field of electric motors R&D and production, Kress has continued to provide the best quality power tools such as Handtools, Welding Machines, Garden Tools and Accessories in the market. Their designs have continuously become the standard for power tools. With its innovative, powerful and high quality products, Kress has gained a notable worldwide reputation as a brand.

Kress started in 1928, the year that the brand was founded and started its production in a Swabian town located at Tübingen-Lustnau, Germany. Their focus on the earlier years of their brand has been set on motor R&D manufacturing. In the year 1964, they have successfully produced their first power drill which became a hit in the German power tools market. Due to the success of their first creation, they professionally started their power tool career.

Their latest product is the innovative change up of a traditional mower into a robotic lawnmower. This latest robotics design exactly knows its way and optimizes its own route while effortlessly controlled using the special app on a smartphone. This robotics lawnmower also promotes the health of your lawn. The temperature, precipitation, and sunlight are important factors that keep the growth of the lawn. With this kind of advance technology, Kress’ robotic lawnmower keeps mowing of your lawn easy and effortless.

Kress Powertools have won awards acknowledging their innovative products. The most recent achievement they have received in 2018 was from the Red Dot Design Award which is an international product design and communication design award given at Essen, Germany.  

With the launch of Kress power tools in the country, the Philippine market will welcome a brand that upholds to their slogan: Powered by Tradition. The worldwide reputation of the brand’s products is an unquestionable proof of its durability, power, and quality.

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