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GEN Korean BBQ House Serves All-You-Can-Eat Premium Meats and Seafoods
GEN Korean BBQ House Serves All-You-Can-Eat Premium Meats and Seafoods

GEN Korean BBQ House Serves All-You-Can-Eat Premium Meats and Seafoods

Filipinos love to eat, whatever the occasion is or whoever we are with we always find a place where we can enjoy great food and that moment you are together. That is why restaurants that offers buffet or all-you-can-eat are the most common choices among groups or families.

One of the newest restaurant to be part of that list and has been taking social media by storm is now open here in the Philippines. GEN Korean BBQ House is an All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ restaurant which hails from sunny California is ready to serve for all hungry foodies. The famous KBBQ house has made its way from across the pacific and landed on Manila shores located along the seaside at SM by the Bay.

GEN Korean BBQ House is famous for their top-of-the-line and premium all-you-can-eat meats and seafood. The KBBQ House explores the art of Korean barbeque, using the finest quality meats, and pairing it with dishes filled with unique savory tastes.

They will serve you their most mouthwatering meats, seafoods, and refillable delicious small dishes of food called Banchan which consists of Spicy Radish, Spicy Cucumber, Pickled Onions, Potato Salad and Kimchi. They offer three sauces for the meats prepared for each individual as you can choose from Green Tea Salt, Sesame Oil + Sea Salt and Brisket Sauce.

The look of the restaurant is a mirror image of the US locations, from the side dishes to the wall designs, floors and the modern ambiance of the black-lit interiors. It is like walking into the Manila branch will feel exactly the same as if you were on the West Coast. They have large waiting areas where it can accommodate groups to be seated while waiting for their tables.

Each table has its own set of thongs, kitchen shears to cut the meat, smokeless grill plate made of stainless steel and an exhaust hood to take out some of the excess smoke while you grill. The servers will always check and replace your grill plate immediately if they noticed some black charred meat or burns. The GEN KBBQ House staffs and servers are very friendly and accommodating.

Experience All-you-can-eat KBBQ courses starting at P798+/person during Lunch for 25 items and Php 1,288+/person during Dinner for 35 items. They serve bottled or draft beer and bottomless drinks (Softdrinks, Iced Tea o Coffee).

A KBBQ experience you will never forget so head on over to SM by the Bay and get a taste of what GEN Korean BBQ House in Manila has to offer! For more updates, like us on Facebook @GenKBBQPH or follow us on lnstagram @Genkbbq_ph.


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