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GCash digital technology to reduce risk of viral transmission

GCash digital technology to reduce risk of viral transmission

GCash is encouraging Filipinos to adopt a more digital lifestyle, especially at times like these, when crises strike everyone the hardest.

The digital economy helps lessen the risk of transmission for those who leverage it, as it limits the physical interaction between people and leverages new technologies to facilitate services. 

Transferring funds to loved ones in the provinces. For instance, a man who works in quarantined Metro Manila may send money to his loved ones in Bicol via GCash. He may either send the money to their GCash wallets or even transfer funds from his GCash account to their bank accounts via the Bank Transfer option in the GCash app.

The funds transferred may then be used by his family to purchase their everyday goods, pay for services, and even pay for their bills. 

No queues at payment centers. Speaking of paying bills, with social distancing protocols now in place, queuing at payment centers also increases the risk of spreading the virus. 

By using the GCash Pay Bills service, anyone with a GCash account may settle their utility bills, credit card bills, cable and internet bills, insurance, real estate, and even government dues without going out of the comforts of their homes. 

Get things delivered. Likewise, instead of going to supply stores, GCash users may use their GCash wallets to shop online. Through its partnership with Lazada, which has the widest arrays of goods being sold, GCash users may opt to buy their grocery items or even daily necessities via their mobile phones. The items they purchased will then be delivered to their doorsteps, reducing their risk of contact to the virus. 

Pay with credit lines. But if it is really necessary to go outside and buy daily necessities from the grocery store, GCash users may also use their mobile wallets to purchase goods via the revolutionary Scan-to-Pay (STP) via QR or STP via Barcode payment systems, which are accepted in over 70,000 merchants in the country. They may either use their available balance or tap into GCredit, a credit facility embedded in the GCash app, to transact with grocery stories like Puregold. 

Savings in times of emergencies. GCash users with GSave savings accounts may also digitally cash out their money when emergencies arise. The money, when cashed out from the GSave account, directly goes into the GCash wallet balance, and instead of physically cashing the money out of ATMs, they may opt to use their digital wallets to transact with various merchants across the Philippines. 

Not the only risk reduction measure. These are just some of the services that Filipinos may benefit from during the global pandemic. But while frictionless payments reduce the risks of spreading the virus, everyone should still keep in mind that proper hygiene, as directed by the Department of Health, should be thoroughly and strictly practiced. 

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