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Further Together: PLDT Enterprise vows to cultivate stronger business relationships thru technology

Further Together: PLDT Enterprise vows to cultivate stronger business relationships thru technology

PLDT Enterprise—the B2B arm of the largest fully integrated telecommunications company in the Philippines PLDT—has reinforced its commitment to forge stronger relationships and better collaborations with more businesses. Through its world-class services and innovative solutions, it aims to benefit more customers to enable them to grow further and reach new heights.

FVP & Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise Jojo Gendrano noted that due to the evolving demands of customers, businesses have become responsive through leveraging technology and discovering unprecedented ways of doing their business such as offering contactless delivery, digital payments, and other means that put importance on the health and safety of consumers.

“The global pandemic made the world understand that digital transformation has become an even more critical aspect of today’s work landscape. Many organizations have turned to technology in streamlining their business processes and engaging with their customers as they strive to effectively manage the shift towards digital operations,” Gendrano said. 

To this end, PLDT Enterprise – together with the PLDT Group – has committed to ramp up its efforts in fortifying its network infrastructure and technological capabilities in order to provide the right digital solutions for enterprises weathering market disruptions. Moreover, the group is also continuously expanding its decades-long expertise in the tech landscape by securing more technical certifications for its domain services such as SDWAN, Internet of Things (IoT), data center, cloud, cybersecurity, and managed services, among others.

“As businesses emerge from the impact of the pandemic, customer-centricity remains a top priority for us at PLDT Enterprise,” he said. “We will continue to augment our digital infrastructure and our domain expertise in order to co-develop the digital transformation roadmaps of organizations across industries. Through these endeavors, we will continue to be a trusted, reliable partner in implementing and delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses – whether they are MSME’s, Large Enterprises, or Multinational Organizations,” he added.

PLDT Enterprise has recently launched its “Further, Together” campaign which highlights the significance of having a reliable and trusted partner for businesses in unlocking growth. The campaign also highlights PLDT Enterprise’s role as the partner of businesses in taking organizations further to greater heights.

“In the age of digital, things happen so fast that we have to be constantly changing and evolving our perspectives in order to transform into an organization that is relevant and an entity that our customers can trust. Together, we embrace the call for digital transformation and it is our commitment to help our partners to reach greater heights,” Gendrano added.

Watch PLDT Enterprise’s Further, Together campaign video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01s6FCvFiWQ

For more information, visit pldtenterprise.com.


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