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Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Pilot
Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Pilot

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Pilot

Being a pilot can be a rewarding and exciting profession. The job allows you to visit different places and get to see the most amazing views while at work. It can also be a potentially lucrative career if you’re able to climb the ladder and become a commercial airline pilot. However, the path to becoming an aviator takes a lot of hard work and involves many long hours. You’ll need to complete various training programs and acquire certifications before you can fly an aircraft, let alone transport passengers from one airport to another. 

If you want to pursue this kind of career, it’s best to learn everything that you can about being a pilot. To start, here are the answers to some of the common questions most people ask when it comes to becoming a pilot. 

How Do I Become a Pilot?

The first thing a lot of people are usually curious about is what they have to do to become a pilot. While the obvious answer will be to learn to fly an aircraft, you must first be able to identify your career goals. Many flight schools in the Philippines offer different pilot training programs to individuals who want to have a Private Pilot License (PPL) or a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). But if you want to work for any major airline company, you will need to seek a flight school that offers courses that can prepare you in getting an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL).

Before enrolling in a pilot training school, make sure to check out their requirements for students. Typically, you’ll need to acquire a Class 1 medical certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). Depending on the flight program and school, some other requirements can include a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and a successful pilot aptitude test.

Is It Expensive to Train as a Pilot?

Becoming a pilot takes a significant investment in both time and money. When it comes to the specific amount you need to prepare, it still depends on the flight school you’ll be enrolling in. Different programs and institutions have varying costs due to the school’s location, instructors’ expertise, the number of students, and facilities. Instead of just focusing on the tuition fee, your primary consideration in choosing a flight school must be safety, training philosophy, and training value.

For example, see if the flight school invests in the latest pilot-training technology, know-how, and support infrastructure. Check if the school has a robust flight safety management system and uses an updated course syllabus. Consider the kind of simulators being used and if they are on par with industry standards. Also, ask about the quality of the flight trainer aircraft being used and how they’re being maintained as these can affect the training and safety of every student.

While the financial factor is a real concern, it shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your dream of becoming a pilot. Instead, search for programs that have financial assistance or flight schools that partner with financial institutions that offer loan programs. Alternatively, you can consider taking a part-time pilot training program so you can still work and earn while in training.

What Will I Need to Become a Commercial Pilot?

Many people who aspire to become a pilot often take the route of obtaining a CPL so that they can fly commercial airlines. To do this, you must be a licensed private pilot, have a Class 1 medical certificate, and have at least a total of 150 flight hours logged in. The flight hours are made up of a minimum of 110 hours of training during the CPL stage and 40 hours from PPL training.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Commercial Pilot?

The length of time to train as a commercial pilot will depend on the training route you take. If you opt for integrated flight training, where you complete all your training full time in an intensive training course, it’ll typically take you an average of two years. This kind of training takes you from having zero flying experience to holding a CPL. It also includes a type-rating course so you are qualified to fly a large commercial aircraft. After this intensive training, you can apply to an airline company as a First Officer.

What Is a Type Rating?

A type rating is a qualification allowing pilots to fly a specific type of aircraft. As a commercial airline pilot, you need to undergo type rating training to operate any aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of more than 5,700 kg or is turbine-powered. Also, this training allows you to fly Airbus, Boeing, or ATR aircraft. 

During the course, you’ll learn about the aircraft’s systems and performance. You’ll also go through a simulator course where you learn to fly the aircraft in normal and emergency conditions. Typically, type rating training takes about one to three months to complete. But this still depends on your experience level and the type of aircraft you want to specialize in. 

How Much Do Commercial Pilots Earn?

The average salary of airline pilots depends on their employer and experience. Potentially, a first-class officer can have a starting salary of around PHP 140,000 per month while a senior captain can get at least PHP 350,000 per month. Other factors that can affect a pilot’s earnings are their skills, locations, ratings, and the number of flight hours they’ve earned. Also, commercial airline pilots can get additional compensation in the form of transportation, living, clothing, meal, and hotel allowances.

Whether you want to become a private or a commercial pilot, you’ll need to acquire certain skills and knowledge to safely operate an aircraft. While you’re determining what kind of aviator you’d like to focus on, it’s best to do some research about the profession. Hopefully, the answers to these frequently asked questions will give you a general idea about what it’s like to become a pilot.


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