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Five forthcoming features with the futuristic concept smartphone: Vivo APEX 2019

Five forthcoming features with the futuristic concept smartphone: Vivo APEX 2019

Vivo Philippines hosted an exclusive event for special guests and media to take a closer look of its futuristic concept smartphone the Vivo APEX 2019. The bezel-less cutting-edge model gave us a sneak peek into the future of possible development of the company’s upcoming smartphone and set apart from the other devices in the market.

Here are the top five features seen from the Vivo APEX 2019:

Leading the presentation of the event are Vivo Philippines Colwin Tanhehco, Brand Manager and Charisma Buan, PR Manager poses with the APEX 2019.

Super Unibody Design

By developing the notch-less display in its flagship smartphones, Vivo takes away all the physical buttons in the APEX 2019 such as the Volume Control, Power and Sleep buttons by replacing it with Touch Sense Technology. The feature provides pressure-sensing and capacitive touch which can tell if the user is pressing the frame while the capacitive touch can fix its position, providing extra-sensitive accuracy. It also makes a haptic feedback when you press it.

MagPort Charging Technology

The company wanted to replace how the USB ports functions our phones. The APEX 2019 replaces this with a magnetic power connector called as the MagPort, you just simply held in place magnetically into the connector pins which then charges the phone battery and transfer data. What’s so good with this feature is if the device accidentally is tugged, yanked or tripping over the cord the connector will pull out of the socket without damaging or pulling the device.

Screen SoundCasting Technology

By taking off the speaker grill the entire display of the APEX 2019 is transformed into a speaker via screen vibration.

Full-Display Fingerprint Scanning

With the Full-Display Fingerprint Scanning technology on the APEX 2019, it now covers almost the entire smartphone display to touch anywhere on the screen and unlock the phone. Vivo’s technology advances the phone’s features even more with its Fingerprint Light function or having the pixels recognize touch and lights it up to help obtain a clear fingerprint image. Access to apps is made much easier and much faster than before. Pressing on the app while the phone is still locked will unlock it and gain direct access to a particular app.

5G Smartphone

The APEX 2019 is the company’s first-ever 5G smartphone and it runs on a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 platform with a super-large 12GB RAM + 256GB memory. It needs all the power it can harness for that seamless video watching, mobile gaming, music streaming, and other essential apps.

APEX 2019 uses Duplex PCB Design that increased available space by 20% making the need for more motherboard space. Imagine using free space for 5G modules, making the phone a true unibody 5G phone.

Truly Vivo adopted a minimalist, sophisticated design with unending possible features to look out for on its concept smartphone the APEX 2019, we can be sure that some of this notable technology can be incorporated or developed into their next line-up of smartphone models. Can Vivo finally make the dream smartphone we have been waiting for?

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