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First-ever Raider R150 Summit in Mindanao a success!
First-ever Raider R150 Summit in Mindanao a success!

First-ever Raider R150 Summit in Mindanao a success!

Following the successful Raider R150 Summit in Luzon, 2,397 Mindanao Suzuki riders from 130 clubs gathered for the first ever Raider R150 Summit in the region held at the RDR Gym Sports Complex in Tagum City last May 26 to show their force for the legendary Raider R150 and celebrated the continuous rule of the Raider R150 as the Underbone King.

Suzuki presented various entertainment options for the riders during registration: at the waiting area outside, the Suzuki Stunt Team performed heart pumping exhibitions using the Raider R150 Carburetor while simultaneously inside the RDR Gym, the O42NYT band played pop songs of various generations to set the mood of the attendees.

Everyone gathered for the customary drone shot which made the crowd very energetic, welcoming everyone was Suzuki Philippines President Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki who impressed all the riders with few Visayan dialects leaving them cheering loudly for Suzuki. This was followed by a lot of exciting activities in a true Raider R150 Summit fashion, from signature contests, club awards, games, freebies, entertaining production numbers from guest celebrities and the Whiplash Dancers.

Suzuki also raffled off 2 Raider R150s – 1 Carburetor and 1 Fuel Injection won by Rian Baniel of Torque Rider Organization of the Philippines – Cagayan de Oro and Jan Victor Lacanlale of Road Warriors Club Davao respectively.

Adding fun to the event was special guest and beauty queen 2017 Reina Hispanoamericana Ms. Winwyn Marquez who did a dance showdown with one of the lucky riders. Lovely host and talented actress Ms. Roxanne Barcelo also serenaded the crowd and made sure that the riders were having fun with her witty quirks together with Suzuki’s very own Mr. Ramil Mulay.

Suzuki Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Raider R150 Summit experience would not be complete without Suzuki’s CSR and this time, the brand did two advocacy projects – the continuation of One Suzuki for Marawi and Suzuki Mindanao’s very own Suzuki Para sa Eskwela.

Suzuki United as One

Considered as one of the highlights of the event, Suzuki underscored its strong bond with its riders through Suzuki United as One. Mindanao riders pledged their support to Suzuki in promoting safety riding and engaging in various CSR activities. Suzuki responded to its riders by declaring its full support to the clubs in these endeavours. This sealed Suzuki and its riders’ stronger alliance as one family.

Suzuki also highlighted the power of the Raider R150 on the racetrack by introducing the Raider Breed Wars Carburetor and Fuel Injection One Make Races to run at the Super Series Nationwide Championships.


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