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Filipino-owned company cited as an outstanding food manufacturer and for the outstanding product in Thailand

Filipino-owned company cited as an outstanding food manufacturer and for the outstanding product in Thailand

Universal Robina Corp.’s (URC) subsidiary in Thailand has won two more awards that solidify its position as one of that nation’s top producers of quality food products.

URC Thailand received these prestigious FDA Quality awards from the Ministry of Public Health after meeting all required standards. Most notable were product quality and environmentally-friendly product-packaging-process under the company’s sustainability project, UR Green.
The company was again named as an “Outstanding Food Manufacturer”, an award it first clinched in 2020.

Its Dewberry Puff Cake Orange was, meanwhile, cited as an “Outstanding Food Product on the major use of local raw materials”.

URC Thailand was lauded for its quality inspection and assurance program, compliance with food safety rules, and its corporate social responsibility and sustainability program.

Dewberry Puff was recognized, as 90 per cent of the ingredients used in it are sourced domestically.

“We are proud to be recognized as a company that greatly contributes to the Thai economy, creating jobs for the Thai people and opening opportunities to Thailand’s small businesses,” said Tanant Suwanraks, URC’s Vice President and General Manager for Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

URC Thailand has been operating since 1992 and has stayed true to its corporate core value, “delighting everyone with good food choices.”.  It produces some of Thailand’s top snack brands under the Jack ‘n Jill megabrand including Roller Coaster, Dewberry, Fun-O, Tivoli, Cream-O, Lausanne, Dynamite and Lush,

The company has been consistently winning awards and citations in Thailand for its quality products, as well as its work environment and push towards sustainability and clean energy.

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