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ExtraHop Expands CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale Integration

ExtraHop Expands CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale Integration

ExtraHop®, a leader in cloud-native network detection and response (NDR), announced an expanded partnership with CrowdStrike that gives Reveal(x) customers the option to store records in CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale™, CrowdStrike’s Next-Gen SIEM and log management offering. With this new capability, ExtraHop expands its partner ecosystem to offer more choice in how enterprises manage logs, operate their security tools, and simplify the complexity of their technology stack.  

According to the Gartner® Infographic: Top Trends in Cybersecurity 2022 — Vendor Consolidation, “75% of respondents are pursuing a vendor consolidation strategy, up from 29% in 2020.” Amid this change, enterprises need a cloud-native NDR platform that can integrate with multiple technologies to eliminate tech stack silos.  

“As threat landscapes widen and grow increasingly complex, enterprises require greater flexibility to integrate technologies that can help them better reveal their cyber risk,” said Kanaiya Vasani, Chief Product Officer, ExtraHop. “Offering CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale as the latest Reveal(x) recordstore option gives users the ability to consolidate their data collection based on their SIEM preferences andensure the best security outcomes. As we continue to build upon our partnership with CrowdStrike, this latest innovation provides joint customers with more choice so that they can remain a step ahead of potential security threats and improve business resilience.” 

Additional benefits of the recordstore integration include: 

  • A consolidated Next-Gen SIEM solution for security log management, while still maintaining a separate level of control and accessibility from other data.  
  • Reduced investigation time and faster, enterprise-scale security logging. 
  • Increased value in existing Falcon LogScale investments with no additional management overhead. 

“Customers and vendors are making it clear that legacy SIEMs are too cumbersome and expensive to serve as the backbone for modern cybersecurity operations. This is why CrowdStrike is working with forward-looking partners like ExtraHop to help customers consolidate and standardize their log management and Next-Gen SIEM capabilities,” said Daniel Bernard, Chief Business Officer, CrowdStrike. “Deepening this integration gives customers the scale, speed, search, and storage capabilities they need to defend against today’s sophisticated attacks and stop breaches.”  


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