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ExtraHop Appoints Irynn Lam as Channel Director for Asia

ExtraHop Appoints Irynn Lam as Channel Director for Asia

ExtraHop, the leader in cloud-native network intelligence, has appointed Irynn Lam as its new channel director for Asia. Irynn will be based in Singapore and brings over two decades of experience leading partnership-building roles with both customers and vendors alike. 

With a deep-rooted understanding of the ASEAN technology and sales landscape, Irynn will strengthen partner relations to deliver ExtraHop’s solutions. Working closely with the region’s distribution partners, Irynn will drive long-term growth for both ExtraHop and its partner ecosystem. She will focus on providing cyber resilience, sustainability, and ultimately, profitability for partners and vendors in the ExtraHop partner ecosystem.

“I am very excited to join a thriving and recognised cybersecurity market leader, by being part of its growing team in Asia,” said Irynn. “ExtraHop is committed to the channel which gives its partners a unique opportunity to play a critical role in helping customers detect, identify, and respond to today’s threats amid the rapid digitisation sweeping this part of the world. My responsibility to expand the company’s reach while strengthening existing partnerships is a thrill.”. 

No less than 83 percent of organisations in the region suffered at least one ransomware breach in the past five years, according to an ExtraHop survey. The key for decision makers is solutions that ensure a security posture that keeps pace with the threat landscape to raise confidence in their organisation’s ability to detect and block threats. With its founding principle to help organisations stave off the possibility of being outwitted by sophisticated threat actors, Irynn’s wealth of experience in nurturing relationships will be central to ExtraHop’s efforts to bring about a safer, more secure cyberspace across Asia.

“Irynn’s strong business acumen, industry relationships and experience will be instrumental in our growth in the region,” said Kenneth Chen, VP of Asia, ExtraHop. “ExtraHop is on a mission to help organisations stop the advanced threats already inside their cloud, hybrid and distributed environments. Working with partners in the region, we can help enterprises identify, investigate, and stop advanced threats without slowing down their business in the process.”

ExtraHop’s cloud-scale, AI-powered security enables a complete 360-degree, real-time defence against advanced threats such as supply chain attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and zero-day vulnerabilities. With core to cloud to edge visibility, cyberattackers can be quickly detected, investigated and shut down —before attackers can compromise the business.


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