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Experts encourage women with advanced breast cancer to get tested for PIK3CA mutation to improve treatment outcomes

Experts encourage women with advanced breast cancer to get tested for PIK3CA mutation to improve treatment outcomes

Women with advanced breast cancer should consider PIK3CA testing to help improve treatment outcomes.

This was the key message of cancer experts during “See What Lies Beneath Breast Cancer: An Experts’ Forum”, a virtual forum organized by Novartis Healthcare Philippines.

PIK3CA is the most commonly mutated gene in HR+/HER2- breast cancer; approximately 40% of patients living with hormone receptor positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 negative (HR+/HER2-) breast cancer have this mutation. PIK3CA mutations are associated with tumor growth, resistance to endocrine treatment and a poor overall prognosis.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Filipino women, and the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the country, next to lung and liver cancer.1

“Detection of PIK3CA gene mutations enables the identification of patients with HR+HER2- advanced breast cancer who might benefit from more effective personalized treatment with molecularly targeted drugs,” said Dr. Eva Maria Cutiongco- Dela Paz, Executive Director, National Institutes of Health Director, Philippine Genome Center.

“Undergoing PIK3CA testing greatly improves a patient’s treatment outcomes. Advanced breast cancer is not the end of the line. By identifying PIK3CA mutation, we can develop a customized treatment plan for our patients, giving them and their families hope,” noted Dr. Arthur Gregory Lui, Medical Oncologist, Metro Davao Medical & Research Center.

“Knowing the PIK3CA mutation status of a tumor is helpful in improving outlook for progressive or persistent breast cancer. There is a targeted treatment option available for breast cancer that is PIK3CA-positive. Ask your doctor if you should get tested for this gene mutation,” said Dr. Rose Lou Marie C. Agbay, FPSP, Consultant Director, Section of Molecular Diagnostics Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, The Medical City.

Today, advanced breast cancer patients have more treatment options including the first-in-class targeted therapy for PIK3CA-specific mutation in the country.

“The latest developments in oncology have led to the discovery of innovative therapies and new methodologies to improve patient’s quality of life. Consulting your doctor is key to a better journey in breast cancer care. We at the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology support Novartis’ commitment to pursuing research and development to help extend people’s lives. We are committed to bringing the best care to breast cancer patients,” said Dr. Arnold John B. Uson, President, Philippines Society of Medical Oncology.

As a global leader in cancer therapies, Novartis recognizes the growing unmet needs of advanced breast cancer patients and the urgency to provide new and more effective treatment options.

“Novartis Philippines is proud to offer a new treatment option that specifically improves the survival outcomes of patients living with this mutation. We are grateful to our researchers’ bold and unrelenting pursuit of a first-in-class treatment for this incurable disease, and to the patients, investigators, and administrators who participated in the clinical trials leading to this remarkable milestone. This is a step forward in personalized medicine, where patients will be confident when choosing treatments because they know in advance whether this drug will work for them, or not.” shared Mr. Joel Chong, Country President, Novartis Philippines.

PIK3CA testing is available in the following facilities:

Patients can often feel overwhelmed with the burden of advanced breast cancer. The good news is a test for genetic mutations is now available, which can provide them with better treatment options and improved prognosis.

Consult your oncologist about PIK3CA testing to see what lies beneath your breast cancer. Early PIK3CA breast cancer mutation testing enables your doctor to provide you with an optimal and personalized treatment plan.

To learn more about breast cancer, visit the Novartis Philippines website and Novartis Philippines YouTube Channel.

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