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Experience Samgyeopsal and Shabu-Shabu at Home with Hanabishi grillers and boilers

Experience Samgyeopsal and Shabu-Shabu at Home with Hanabishi grillers and boilers

Since eating out is not recommended nowadays, why not prepare your favorite dishes from the restaurants you love? For example, you can bring the samgyeopsal, shabu-shabu, and yakiniku experience you sorely miss right into your own table with the help of Hanabishi’s hotpots and grillers. Easy to use, they can make preparing meals less complicated. You can even ask the kids to help you out in grilling and boiling the meats and vegetables.

Hanabishi offers different types of grillers and boilers to suit your needs, choose between the HHOTPOT BBQ 100 and the HHOTPOT BBQ 200.

The HHOTPOT BBQ 100 has a detachable and adjustable thermostat control with power light and non-stick coating. Easy to clean, it has cool touch carrying handles, so you can easily transport it anywhere you want in your kitchen or dinner table.

The HHOTPOT BBQ 200, meanwhile, includes a die cast aluminum pan integrated with a heating element. It also has cool touch carrying handles and non-stick coating on the pan surface. Its thermostat control is detachable and adjustable.

If you want just a griller, Hanabishi has the HGRILL 2in1 and HGRILL 50 that can grill your favorite fish, pork, beef, and fish any way and any time you want. Its removable oil drip tray and non-stick surface make it easy to clean.

Hanabishi’s HGRILL 100, meanwhile, is a griller that comes with a glass lid, perfect for when you want to prepare your meals early but want to keep it warm until it’s time to chow down. It also has cool touch handles and base and comes with a removable oil drip tray.

To learn more about Hanabishi’s appliances, visit myhanabishi.com, where you can also conveniently shop for its products. For updates on its latest offerings and promotions, you can follow Hanabishi’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

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