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ERGO brings Caimi’s Snowsound technology in the Philippine market

ERGO brings Caimi’s Snowsound technology in the Philippine market

The quest for a quiet place and freedom from noise has never been more challenging as the metropolis is becoming more and more cramped with offices, houses, condominiums and shopping malls in construction everywhere. Side by side with construction developments is the constant upgrade of technology.

Last October 7, 2015 at the SM Aura in Taguig City, Ergo Contracts Philippines, Inc., more popularly known as ERGO OFFICE and ERGO HOME brands formally introduced Snowsound, a patented technology based on the use of panels composed of material with variable densities. This functions to achieve selective absorption at different frequencies to optimize the acoustics yet keeping a low thickness. Simply put, this technology promises to redefine “comfortable and pleasant acoustic environment.”

This introduction to the Philippine market comes through Ergo’s exclusive partnership with Caimi Brevetti, one of the leading global manufacturers of design oriented furniture and accessories for office and contract furniture market and the patent owner of Snowsound technology.

“Our primary market is commercial- offices and other large enclosed spaces,” says Ng. “It could be a conference room, concert hall, a classroom, museum, call center, movie house, hotel, retail shops, or an office building. Actually, any place where there are sound or noise issues to solve or optimize.”

Acoustic comfort: Why not?

SNOWSOUND Acoustic Panels by Caimi Brevetti are exclusive patented sound-absorbing technology, designed to selectively absorb noise of any room at various frequencies, creating a more relaxing, enjoyable and convenient environment. Each density allows absorbing the sound in a different and balanced way, thus increasing its definition.

With the Snowsound Technology, Ergo foresees that noise pollution inside our offices or homes will be a thing of the past.

Demo of these Snowsound acoustic panels is available upon request at ErgoHome, located at L3 SM Aura Premier. For further details, contact Ergo Office sales at 810-8888 or visit and

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“Aligned with our ergonomics principle, having a peaceful, quiet, and relaxing environ is important,” explains Ergo President and CEO Philip Ng. “We have all experienced acoustic reverberation or echo in enclosed spaces, and it’s very annoying. How can you maximize your productivity and enjoy it at the same time if you are working in a noise-polluted environment? That will be very stressful.”

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