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Epson introduces new flagship model to line of large-format technical printers, engineered for utmost precision and reliability

Epson introduces new flagship model to line of large-format technical printers, engineered for utmost precision and reliability

Epson, a global frontrunner in printing solutions, introduces the new 44-inch Epson SureColor SC-T7730D to its current line of SureColor T-Series large-format technical printers. Developed with precision and consistency in mind, the Epson SureColor T-Series is engineered to produce secure and accurately detailed prints for every professional project. The flagship SC-T7730D model represents the T-Series’ high-end innovation and is suited for a wide range of corporate and government use.  

Reliable Productivity Meets Stunning Quality

Built upon the success of its predecessor, the SC-T7270D, the SureColor SC-T7730D boasts an improved print rate of 23 seconds – the fastest speed in its class – to help businesses achieve higher productivity rates with every print. Equipped with Epson’s core proprietary technologies such as the 2.64” MicroTFP printhead, businesses can be assured of accuracy that captures the finest details.

To minimize downtime from media changes, the Epson SureColor SC-T7730D comes with a dual-roll function with auto-switching and take-up reel for continuous printing of high-volume prints. It also supports board media and cut-sheet printing to facilitate optimized media handling. These low-maintenance functions assist in virtually hands-free business operations, improving workflows to allow more time spent on important tasks. 

The new and improved SureColor SC-T7730D utilizes Epson’s UltraChrome XD3 6-Color pigment ink set, which is optimized for precise, accurate lines and detail. Not to mention, its water, smudge, and fade-resistant qualities is designed for durable, long-lasting prints for use in virtually any environment. The addition of red ink enables rich and vivid images with high color saturation to be produced, making it the ideal solution for Point Of Purchase (POP) signages and top-of-the-line professional posters. Alongside built-in Adobe PostScript compatibility for accurate reproduction of PDF files and detailed fine line printing of technical CAD documents and blueprints, the SureColor SC-T7730D meets the needs of professional services across a wide range of industry sectors. This is tied together by the optional Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Epson Edge Print – a user-friendly, one-stop solution guaranteed to provide the best print output with excellent color accuracy.

Functional Design Innovation

The SureColor SC-T7730D showcases a sleek flat-top design to support a variety of modular workplace arrangements. Compact with full-frontal operations, users can easily adjust their settings and check on the ink tray with ease and convenience. This unique design feature allows for a seamless operation and increased productivity.

Furthermore, the Epson SureColor SC-T7730D utilizes an optional solid-state drive (SSD) to improve print capabilities for large amounts of data. The SSD, storage, and serverless authentication functions can be enabled with efficient throughput, delivering drastic functional improvements that makes a tangible difference. Users will also appreciate the expanded convenience with Wi-Fi connectivity and USB host for direct printing. Compatibility with the Epson Smart Panel mobile app further allows for easy printing from a mobile device.

Secure Device Management

A frontier in the T-Series range, the SureColor SC-T7730D corresponds to major security requirements with authentication printing and encrypted SSD for uncompromised security management.  With Epson’s suite of software solutions, Epson SureColor SC-T7730D promises secure data handling and easy device management for administrators.

Users can now enhance security through authentication with Epson Print Admin solutions or integrate third-party solutions with Epson Open Platform.  With access to a myriad of Epson services and solutions, users are able to manage devices, improve operability and account for usage on premise with Epson Device Admin and LFP Accounting Tool, or through the cloud with Epson Cloud Solution PORT.

Visit https://www.epson.com.ph/ or this link and contact your nearest Epson Authorized Dealer store for more information.


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