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Enter a metropolis of glamour and grime in Streets of New Capenna

Enter a metropolis of glamour and grime in Streets of New Capenna

Wizards of the Coast will be releasing Streets of New Capenna, the latest set for the world’s oldest and best trading card game, Magic: The Gathering (MTG) on 29 April. Set in the brand-new Art Deco noir metropolis of New Capenna (#MTGCapenna), the set centres around five unique crime families vying for control over the city. Streets of New Capenna contains 281 cards and will be available on tabletop.

For the first time, players in selected Southeast Asian (SEA) countries will be able to own exclusive Family Treasure Tokens for Streets of New Capenna. Illustrated by artists in the region and with a limited single print run, six designs of the Treasure Tokens are available with every purchase of a collector booster box, while stocks last, at participating WPN stores (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines) and online (Singapore only).  

A city built by angels and ruled by demons, New Capenna conceals a crooked underbelly beneath its extravagant parties and classy citizens. Five conniving syndicates feud for control over the supply of “Halo”, a rare resource highly sought after for its material beauty and magic-boosting power. But as the invasion of a bigger threat enters New Capenna, it’s up to Planewalkers Vivien and Elspeth to prevent the conflict between families from boiling into an all-out war.

Players can choose which of the three-colour crime factions they want to join. Each faction is led by a different mob boss and are uniquely different in mechanics:

MTG’s take on urban fantasy, Streets of New Capenna, includes 10 full art “Metropolis” basic lands.

Additionally, the “Skyscraper” and “Golden Age” showcase treatments exhibit the vibrant locations and unique cards of New Capenna in all the glitz and glam of the Plane.

As part of the launch, MTG has collaborated with five local artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines to present SEA-exclusive Family Treasure Tokens, depicting the five bosses of New Capenna’s crime families and Halo, a magical substance that is central to the set’s story arch. The Tokens incorporate the artists’ diverse backgrounds and artistic interpretations, bringing the elegance, affluence and style of New Capenna to life.

Streets of New Capenna will be available as Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, and Collector Boosters, with factionalised Theme Boosters and Commander Decks for the player’s crime family of choice.

For more information on Streets of New Capenna, visit https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/streets-of-new-capenna.


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