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E-Girl in power: Infinix celebrates #KayaKoRin Women’s Month campaign with game streamer Cherizawa

E-Girl in power: Infinix celebrates #KayaKoRin Women’s Month campaign with game streamer Cherizawa

Taking part in the global Women’s Month celebrations in March, Infinix commemorates the contributions of women throughout history and in modern-day society. Infinix international branches in Egypt, Thailand, Poland, and the Philippines recognize the progress that women have made, specifically in the field of esports.

Infinix Philippines’ recently launched #KayaKoRin video aims to encourage E-Girls in power to break down barriers, make their and other women’s voices heard, and to not be seen as less than anyone else.

Spearheading this campaign is popular Filipino gaming streamer Cherizawa, who is an avid mobile gamer and a skilled player of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB),

Cherisse Barnacha, famously known as Cherizawa, has been streaming her MLBB gameplay since 2019. In Infinix’s #KayaKoRin video, she shares her journey of overcoming the hurdles present in the path of women in gaming and streaming, and achieving success as one of the most popular streamers in the Philippines. Cherizawa took on the challenge to rise above the stereotypes and criticism that women are not on the same level as men when it comes to gaming.

In the video, people will also see a glimpse of her humble beginnings. The young Cherizawa was an aspiring nursing student turned corporate worker before she entered the game streaming scene. Dissatisfied with her former career, she found an opportunity through a friend who saw her potential in gaming.

This moment sparked a fire within her, changing the trajectory of her career. Now she is able to enjoy and expand her growth in the game streaming community while supporting her family along the way.

“I know there’s always a part of me na hahanap-hanapin yung paglalaro in general. Pero ‘yung gawin siya as a profession or career, never ko na-imagine.” said Cherizawa.

There’s more to Cherizawa than meets the eye, and the collaboration with Infinix for Women’s month not only uplifts the spirits of women everywhere, but also imparts the message that women should not be afraid to express themselves.

“Actually kaya hindi ako nahirapan mag-stream ay kasi I don’t need to portray a character. Ako lang talaga ‘to and I think that’s one of the key things to have dito sa industry na ‘to, is that you just have to stay genuine,” she shared.

Most of the time, women are seen as “weaker” than their male counterparts. When asked how she was able to get the better of the hateful comments while she plays on her streams, she demonstrated the simplest yet powerful way to face the challenges, thanks to the people who kept her grounded.

“The best way to handle it is talunin mo sila,” Cherizawa said.

Cherizawa was a nursing student prior to her becoming a famous game streamer

There’s no question that the esports industry has inevitably become a male-dominated space. But women around the world have proven time and time again that they are capable of challenging the status quo every step of the way. With every obstacle, Infinix, especially their smooth gameplay NOTE series, hopes to create a healthy environment for women to thrive and succeed in the mobile gaming community, as the NOTE series has been the forefront of the fastest-growing smartphone brand’s gaming identity.

Check out Infinix’s #KayaKoRin Women’s Month video via Facebook and share your experiences that made you feel empowered in the comments. Follow Infinix Philippines’ official Facebook page and stay updated on the brand’s latest releases.


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