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Dog insurance you can afford

Dog insurance you can afford

Malayan Insurance Co. Inc. has teamed up with Cebuana Lhuillier to introduce Pet Insurance, an easy-on-the-pocket non-life insurance policy for pet dogs that can fit most budgets. 

Pet Insurance provides medical reimbursement for veterinary fees and confinement for emergencies or illnesses. It also has an owner’s liability benefit that pays compensation for damages or accidents caused by naughty canines. 

A personal accident cover is also included in the Pet Insurance plan as an added security measure for fur parents if they figure in a mishap.

“A lot of Filipinos found different coping mechanisms during the pandemic. Having been isolated at home, most of us found comfort and companionship from our pet dogs. They’ve provided us laughter, solace, and unconditional love. They’re basically part of the family,” said Malayan Insurance Integrated Marketing Communications deputy head Anthony Louis Guanzon.

Animal insurance like Pet Insurance empowers owners to become more responsible and accountable for their fur babies. 

“With this partnership, we’re able to provide accessible and affordable protection for you and your pets. We all know how expensive unexpected or unplanned incidents are, so we hope that this product not only provides security but peace of mind as well,” added Guanzon.

Dog owners can choose between two variants: Pet Insurance Basic and Pet Insurance Premium. Pet Insurance Basic is priced at PhP1,100 and includes medical reimbursement worth PhP10,000, burial assistance of PhP5,000, owner’s liability of PhP10,000, and owner’s personal accident cover worth PhP10,000. 

At the same time, Pet Insurance Premium is offered at PhP2,400 and comes with medical reimbursement worth PhP17,500, burial assistance of PhP5,000, owner’s liability of PhP17,500, and owner’s personal accident cover worth PhP25,000. 

Fur parents who want to keep their pups safe from the aftermath of accidents, diseases, or misadventures can buy either policy at Cebuana Lhuillier’s Shopee and Lazada’s pages, or by clicking the following links: (Shopee) https://shopee.ph/clis2019, (Lazada) https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/cebuana-lhuillier-insurance-brokers/

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