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Do More On Your Mobile With The Starmobile Knight Elite

Do More On Your Mobile With The Starmobile Knight Elite

With manufacturers churning out gadget after gadget and the market craving for ever-upgraded features, it’s easy to gloss over newcomers or fresh technology. Every now and then though, there comes a tech innovation that enthralls both experts and shoppers. Starmobile’s recently launched KNIGHT Elite is one such tech beauty.

Ever since its introduction the Starmobile KNIGHT Elite has since earned the moniker of being a “shooting star maker”—and for good reason. It comes with a unique built-in Star Cam feature to help take photos that are sure to get noticed—making one a shooting star almost instantaneously.

The secret lies in three functions exclusive to the Star Cam: ReFocus, Chroma Flash, and Opti Zoom.

  • ReFocus lets you choose the focal point of your shot after you’ve taken the photo. The function works by simultaneously taking five photos at varying lengths then compressing them into a single file so you can select a single object (or face!) to focus on just by clicking on the area you want emphasized.
  • Chroma Flash is a boon for anyone who has to take photos in low-light environments—it takes two photos in rapid succession, one with flash and one without it, and combines them into a single photo. Say goodbye to overexposed colors and unnatural-looking skin tones!
  • Opti Zoom shoots multiple photos simultaneously to ramp up the texture and sharpness of your zoomed-in pictures. Results are clearer, cleaner, and smoother compared to regular digital zoom.

Aside from these picture-perfecting points, the KNIGHT Elite has garnered positive praise for culling topline smartphone features into one nifty gadget. At its reasonable price tag of only P9,990, it squeezes in value and features that will leave any phone geek beaming.

It’s no wonder people are sitting up and taking notice of the all-around smartphone hybrid and its “starrific” price tag. As far as sensibilities go, the Starmobile KNIGHT Elite perfectly nails the Filipino craving for a value-packed sulit find.

You can learn more about the Starmobile KNIGHT Elite by visiting www.starmobile.com or facebook.com/starmobilephones.

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