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Do it better with WORX Professional Powertools

Do it better with WORX Professional Powertools

WORX is an American brand that strives in innovation and being better in the Industry. Being distributed in top retailers and distributers with the likes of Lowe’s, Walmart, The Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Costco. WORX brand are sold on other continents such as Asia and Europe.

At WORX, it’s all about The Idea. To do what’s never been done or taking what’s always been done and reimagining it being done better. Faster. Easier. More efficiently.

WORX products that enable its customers to be environmentally responsible, but to also ensure that the company are operating that way as well.

The company is constantly improving its manufacturing processes to further reduce waste and manage its emissions. You’ll keep seeing WORX products that protect our atmosphere, like battery-run or electric tools that provide the power and capabilities of gas-powered options.

WORX takes pride in the recognition it received, like the World Wildlife Fund’s Platinum award for Low Carbon Manufacturing and the LEEDS-NC Platinum distinction for our green building. It’s proof that they are not only talking the talk, but walking the walk.

WORX users look forward to the next project. That’s because WORX tools are designed to easily tackle every task for your JOB, Home, and your workshop.

Do it yourself. Do it better. Do it with WORX.

Soon to be available in your nearest local hardware and depot stores.

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