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Do dating couples need parents’ approval? Puregold’s Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile cast members weigh in

Do dating couples need parents’ approval? Puregold’s Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile cast members weigh in

Are you single, unattached, and trawling the dating scene? If you are, then you’d know that the ‘rules of the game’ have changed. Couples now meet on dating apps, hook up with multiple people at once, “ghost” someone they had the hots for, get into casual flings or see others exclusively . . .

Yes, Filipinos’ dating behavior now reflects the quirks of modern romance but let’s face it: when couples start thinking long-term, parental approval gets into the picture.

Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile episodes, to date, reveal a deepening bond between Bryce (Wilbert Ross) and Angge (Yuki Takahashi). The chemistry shows even in their virtual convos, and fans can’t have enough of it.

However, there’s a speed bump down the road: Bryce’s controlling mother, Bessie (Marissa Sanchez), who wants a say in his choice of girlfriend. This brings us to a tricky issue: do young couples need parents’ greenlight on their budding romance?

Here, Puregold Channel’s hit digital series Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile features modern dating at the heart of its narrative, yet its cast members surprisingly display some good old-fashioned sense.

Migs Almendras, who plays Bryce’s best buddy Ketch, thinks it all depends on how engaged you want your parents to be. “If you want your relationship to be just about you and your partner, I don’t think parents’ approval matters,” he asserts. Still, Migs is all for getting his family’s support if their involvement is important. “It will come to a point when both parties must get along.”

For Bryce’s other BFF, Genski (Kat Galang), getting her parents’ nod is not an issue. “It’s just the dating stage,” she points out. “Approval shouldn’t be mandatory.” Kat believes that when a couple wants to level up the relationship, they may want to make it official. “But definitely not at a point when they’re just getting to know each other.”

The series’ Yaya Aimee, played by Star Orjaliza, offers a ‘mom’ perspective, and it’s delightfully trad: parents’ approval is a must if you don’t want them worrying. “It would help if they know the person you are with, and whether the one you’re seeing is good for you.”

Moi Marcampo, who stars as the clingy Chili Anne in the series, shares her pragmatic view as a mother. “I want to know what type of person my son is dating. But meeting her is enough, as long as I won’t spend for their dates,” she candidly says, revealing that she and her son actually have an agreement—that he can’t ever ask for date money.

TJ Valderrama, Angge’s caring brother Cyrus, thinks age and maturity matter. “If they’re still young, they should let their parents in,” he explains. “Older children can decide for themselves. More than seeking parental approval, adults should aim for harmony between their significant other and their parents.”

Anjo Resurreccion, Angge’s ex in the series, agrees. “For peace of mind, yes, parents’ approval would be good especially for children of minor age.”

While Marissa Sanchez appears domineering and meddlesome as Bryce’s mom, her real-life self weighs in on the issue with restraint. “Approval” is a strong word these days, especially for young adults. The term ‘guidance’ would be more appropriate.”

Surprisingly, series lead Wilbert Ross has a rather stoic view on the issue. “Not all of us have an okay relationship with our parents, and some parents are not around to guide us,” he says.

Wilbert is likewise opposed to the elders’ being overly invested in their children’s romantic relationships. “They insist on who they personally want for you even if you don’t love them.” At the end of the day, Wilbert simply wishes that parents can give their children the liberty to choose who they want.”

So far, Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile’s female lead Angge remains under Bessie’s radar, but her friendship with Bryce is heading for uncharted waters: they enjoy each other’s company, after all, and share intimate details of thir lives. Will she need Bessie’s approval soon?

Find out on May 27, Saturday, at 7 p.m., when Episode 6 airs on Puregold’s official YouTube Channel.

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