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Converge expands partner outlets to over 1,000, making services more accessible to customers

Converge expands partner outlets to over 1,000, making services more accessible to customers

With the growing number of customers and demand for a consistent and reliable internet connection, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. continues to strengthen its presence across the country to make its services more accessible and visible.

This is made possible through the significant expansion of Converge Partner Outlets (CPO) based in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Converge has partnered with ExpressPay Inc., MicroGold Pawnshops, PETNET and Sta. Monica Pawnshop Inc. to amplify the company’s presence and accessibility among different areas.

Because of these partnerships, Converge now has a total of 1,076 partner outlets nationwide composed of 648 outlets from ExpressPay, 336 outlets from MicroGold, 86 outlets from PETNET and six outlets from Sta. Monica. Each CPO has its own distinct strengths that help Converge become a more accessible internet provider for all.

The expansion allows customers to conveniently pay their bills or apply for a new line through the CPOs. With the CPOs scattered among main strategic areas, customers and even potential subscribers will have greater access to better pure fiber internet service, resulting in improved customer experience.

“Here in Converge, we always innovate ways to give our customers the best experience they deserve. With the help of our CPOs, we can make our services more accessible to the public, so they can start or continue their journey with us through convenient transactions,” said Converge Chief Operating Officer Jesus Romero.

ExpressPay Inc. holds a huge network of outlets spread mainly in Luzon, with some outlets also located in Visayas and Mindanao. Most of the CPOs under ExpressPay are in Metro Manila and Central Luzon. This is very beneficial for the huge customer base of Converge in the region.

Incorporated in 2022, ExpressPay’s primary purpose is to provide technology solutions including electronic fund transactions as well as more accessible financial and non-financial services to different communities across the country, especially those in the unbanked sector.

Microgold Pawnshop has also established its presence in Metro Manila, Southern Luzon, Central Luzon, Northern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. This is a major boost to Converge’s mission to serve the underserved, since Filipinos from all over the country can have an accessible means to settle their transactions.

Anchored on its deep commitment to service for the Filipinos, Microgold Pawnshop aims to make its business felt by the people at every corner of the country. Its branches offer a convenient way to manage their customers’ transactions at once, including pawning, remittance and bills payment.

Converge also partnered with PETNET to bring its services closer to the people. PETNET is a pioneer transaction center in the country with over 3,000 locations nationwide to provide a one-stop shop financial services center to customers.

PETNET’s new retail brand, PERA HUB, offers payment-related solutions to customers nationwide. Its outlets cater to Converge customers all over the country, and will help Converge by providing a complete suite of cash services to clients through friendly and fast service.

Meanwhile, Sta. Monica Pawnshop Inc. also extended help to further expand Converge’s network. Its outlets in Central Luzon are an invaluable addition to strengthen Converge’s stronghold in the region.

Converge and Sta. Monica Pawnshop Inc. shares the same vision to serve the community through convenient, hassle-free transactions. Sta. Monica Pawnshop is currently the leading gadget pawnshop in the region, with other services including foreign exchange, airline ticketing and bills payment.

With the growing number of its partner outlets, Converge is positioned to reach more Filipinos who need pure end-to-end fiber internet service. The company currently has nearly 1.7 million consumer customers across the country, and this will continue to increase as Converge strives to offer reliable services to its customers. 


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