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Cleanfuel stations soon to accept LYKA GEMs as payment for fuel and services

Cleanfuel stations soon to accept LYKA GEMs as payment for fuel and services

Soon, LYKA users can enjoy quality fuel for less as independent oil company Cleanfuel recently forged a partnership with the app to provide a safer way to fuel up in their stations.

Cleanfuel has inked a partnership with social media app LYKA, enabling the digital platform’s users to pay for Cleanfuel products and services in cashless fashion—a vital way to do business in these post-COVID-19 times.

Motorists with a LYKA account may soon use their GEMs (Gift card in Electronic Mode) to pay for their transactions at select Cleanfuel Stations, which will first rollout in Metro Manila at the end of the month.

Atty. Bong Suntay, Cleanfuel President and Kristine Patricia Yabut, LYKA Executive Director Sales and Marketing

Cleanfuel President Atty. Bong Suntay expressed his optimism over the newly forged partnership with the digital platform app, saying that this is also a good opportunity to extend the fuel company’s reach to young, tech-savvy and socially interactive audience.

“We see how the e-commerce business continues to grow with 40 million new users in Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, it grew over 50 percent in the past year as more customers relied over online delivery services. This simply shows how the e-commerce business is taking over the traditional marketplace,” Suntay said.

LYKA is a new social media platform that allows users to connect and share their interests with other users. The platform also allows people to receive different types of rewards—such as LYKA GEMs—when they interact by giving out ratings or being rated by others, sharing content, gaining a following, and spending time on the app. These GEMs can be shared among friends, used in exchange for goods with other partner merchants, or collected to redeem gifts at the LYKA Shop.


“We are excited to be part of this partnership as we bridge the gap by innovating and adapting to the unique buying behavior of our new customers,” adds Suntay. 

“In Cleanfuel, our ‘Quality fuel for Less’ goes beyond our corporate slogan. This is the reason why we are continuously innovating to keep up with the times, while tapping into the younger audience of LYKA,” Suntay concluded.

Some of the more popular users of the new LYKA app are Cleanfuel brand ambassador Dominic Roque and other local celebrities such as Ivana Alawi, Julia Barreto, and Liza Soberano, among others.

Cleanfuel and LYKA Presscon Event video


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