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Cleanfuel Launches Premium Octane Race 97 gasoline

Cleanfuel Launches Premium Octane Race 97 gasoline

Cleanfuel, the purveyor of Quality Fuel for Less, recently announced its latest premium high-octane gasoline—the Race 97. The addition of Race 97 fuel will provide motorists a cheaper alternative to the high price of the Research Octane Number (RON) of 97 in the Philippine market. Moreover, the Race 97 offers a big advantage over competitors as motorists can save more while maximizing the engine performance of their vehicles.

“The introduction of Race 97 is a milestone for Cleanfuel’s product range as we provide more value for our loyal customers. Because of our lower price offering for quality high octane fuel, more customers can now experience the benefit of higher octane fuel for their vehicles,” said Atty. Jesus “Bong” Suntay, President and CEO of Cleanfuel Group of Companies.

Suntay shares that a higher octane fuel allows your engine to have a balanced and stabilized combustion which is needed to be able to maximize your vehicles engine performance.

Meanwhile, Cleanfuel Director Marco Atienza expressed optimism that the launch of Race 97 in Cleanfuel stations is timely, with more private cars and two-wheels now back on the road. “This is the best time to launch our newest gasoline, the Race 97. Last year, the local auto industry reached a combined 33 percent growth compared to 2021 overall sales. This is a good indicator of our timing.”

Atienza also mentioned that the Race 97 in Cleanfuel stations are only 50-centavo higher than the price of their Premium 95 fuel. “The best part of buying this product is the cost effectivity of getting a premium fuel load. Now, here’s the best deal. If you are a VIP card holder of Cleanfuel, all your Race 97 fuel consumption will automatically earn double points value. From price, points, and higher grade fuel ratings, the Race 97 is the best deal in the marketplace.”

Currently, the Cleanfuel Race 97 is available at Cleanfuel Katipunan White Plains, Cleanfuel Pioneer, Cleanfuel Kamias, Cleanfuel Mayon, Cleanfuel Malabon, Cleanfuel Quirino Manila, Cleanfuel Silang, Cleanfuel Olongapo, and Cleanfuel La Union Rosario. The company is committed to add Race 97 in most of its fuel stations in Mega Manila and key provinces.

“Initially, we roll out the Race 97 in selected Cleanfuel stations to allow our customers to experience of our new product and reinforce our company mantra of Quality Fuel for Less. In the next quarter, they will see more Race 97 in Cleanfuel stations,” adds Suntay.


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