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CHILL invents the Venting Machine with BBDO GUERRERO

CHILL invents the Venting Machine with BBDO GUERRERO

Filipinos are known to harbor some intense feelings towards Valentine’s Day. Some may come from happy sentiments, but for many it can be lonely and infuriating – but definitely relatable experiences. Sometimes, the best way to deal with all the drama surrounding Valentine’s Day is to simply vent it out loud which is how the Venting Machine was born.

Chill, from Universal Robina Corporation (URC), is a refreshing 5% alcoholic beverage. The brand recently partnered with BBDO Guerrero to give everyone a safe space to release all their frustrations surrounding Valentine’s Day, by setting up the machine in one of Manila’s prime shopping street last February 11 and 12.

The Venting Machine is a 16-foot-tall booth in the shape of a Chill can. Inside the Venting Machine were three activities, screaming, punching, and a slicing game.

A Chill can was dispensed after completing the chosen activity and participants can share a photograph on social media. Hundreds of people were able to participate in the two-day weekend event.

“We wanted to connect with young Filipinos (within the legal drinking age) by offering them a drama-free moment this Love month. We created the venting machine to give them an avenue to have fun and just chill.” says Mian David, URC’s Chief Marketing Officer. “That’s what Chill is all about – it offers a laid-back drinking experience for people who want to just relax and unwind.”

Karen Go, General Manager at BBDO Guerrero, said: “Younger Filipinos love to creatively express their feelings. Congratulations to our partners at Chill for their successful event and we are excited to see how we can elevate them further.”

Chill is a hard seltzer drink that contains real fruit extract, no added sugar, and 5% alcohol—the same alcohol content as beer, but with a more refreshing, fruity taste. Chill currently comes in three different flavors – Lychee, Red Apple, and Lemon Lime.

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