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Chef-approved tips you can learn from the ‘Eats Robina Farms’ cooking show

Chef-approved tips you can learn from the ‘Eats Robina Farms’ cooking show

If you’ve ever dined at Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico, Patisserie Filipino by Chef Jac Laudico, OK Cafe, or Bistro by Chef Laudico, you may be wondering what secrets owners Rolando “Lau” and Jacqui “Jac” Laudico have up their sleeves to create their mouth-watering recipes.

Well, here’s your chance to learn and recreate them! On their new cooking show, “Eats Robina Farms,” the power couple collaborates with Robina Farms to teach families how to make these unique recipes, as well as their tried-and-tested cooking hacks!

Kickstarting the series is a delicious recipe you can whip up for the holidays: crunchy pork menudo! Check out some of the cooking hacks the two chefs have shared on the show:

Tip 1: Do the ‘smashing’ technique to mince garlic faste

Crush the garlic cloves with your knife and pile them on top of each other. Place the knife over the cloves, holding the middle part of the blunt edge with your other hand. Then do a rocking motion over the garlic cloves to mince them.

Tip 2: When slicing vegetables, use your knuckles to guide your knife

If you’re right-handed, grip the vegetable with your left hand. Make sure your fingers are curled so that your knuckles can form the “wall” that will guide your knife.

Tip 3: Make fried food extra crispy by double frying

The secret to making the Laudicos’ crispy pork menudo or any fried food extra crispy and crunchy is to fry it twice. Also, fry in small batches so your food is cooked evenly.

Tip 4: Use high-quality, pre-cut meats

It all starts with the ingredients — even the best chef will have a hard time making good food if their ingredients aren’t quality. That’s why Chefs Lau and Jac recommend using high-quality meats like Robina Farms Pork Menudo Cut. Even better, the meat is pre-cut so you’re also able to shorten your prep time!

Tip 5: Garnish with fresh herbs

Herbs add a positive visual element to your food while complementing the taste of your dish. For the finishing touch to the crispy pork menudo, the chefs sprinkled fresh tarragon taken right from their home’s window garden!

Try your hand at making Chefs Lau and Jac’s crispy pork menudo for the holidays! And if you’re interested in whipping up more delicious recipes, watch the second episode of “Eats Robina Farms,” wherein the two cook up something creamy, cheesy, and bacon-ey that your kids will love!

Catch episodes of “Eats Robina Farms” by joining The Breakfast Lovers Club Facebook page.

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