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Check out what Filipino Moms usually talk about on Twitter

Check out what Filipino Moms usually talk about on Twitter

Moms want the best for their families, so they make sure to do all things with much thought and care. In fact, 92% of moms on Twitter believe that their family is the most important thing in the world. According to the 2019 Global Web Index; 25% of Twitter users in the Philippines are mothers, mainly Millennial moms. As the platform of choice for real-time information, moms go to Twitter to search for #WhatsHappening around the globe and even proudly share their motherhood journey on Twitterverse.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we are giving the spotlight to all Filipino moms and see what they usually talk about the most on Twitter.

  1. Moms want real-time information

Because everyone is still required to stay home, going online is the easiest and safest way to find updates. The 2019 Global Web Index revealed that 66% of moms go on social media to stay-up-to-date and 48% even found or have read news and current events on Twitter.

We know that moms have a lot of roles to fulfill, so finding information in real-time is important in keeping busy moms in the loop. As school updates are one of today’s pressing concerns, moms can check the Department of Education (@DepEd_PH) and Commission on Higher Education (@PhCHED) accounts for new announcements.

Never miss out on an important update by setting up your notification preferences. Here are the steps on how to enable notifications for a specific account you follow:

  1. From the account profile, tap the notification icon
  2. Check the box next to Account notifications.
  3. From the pop-up message, choose between two notification types: All Tweets or Only live video.
  4. Tap your selection.
  5. Share Blissful MOMents

Parenting is not an easy feat, so it is a joy to see moms on Twitter share about their journey on motherhood, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, just to name a few. Moms mostly use Twitter to keep their friends and relatives updated as well as to share precious moments with their children and insights from which other moms can learn from.

  1. Moms love pop culture, too!

Moms on Twitter are mostly millennials, but it’s safe to say that moms of all ages love a good dose of pop culture and entertainment. This quarantine period, over 45% of moms search for updates about the latest series. One relatable example is how new momma, Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith), and other moms fangirled over K-dramas such as Crash Landing on You and Itaewon Class.

  1. Tips on everything under the sun

Moms are like superheroes because they just seem capable of doing anything, from being a hands-on mom to a girl boss who is leading her own way to success. Moms surely have some practical tips and advice on how to win in life, and they can definitely learn from one another by sharing it on Twitter.

For example, FIlipino moms on Twitter encourage each other to always make time and pamper themselves with #selfcare activities. This one momma made a thread of the skincare routine and why wearing sunscreen is important for younger skin.

  1. Review and shop for their kids

72% of moms on Twitter said that they are the main food shopper in the household, so it’s no surprise that they are interested to find out any information or tips that can help them shop wisely. They truly want the best for their families, and it reflects on their effort to provide everything that their loved ones need.

Let’s thank all the wonderful moms for always going beyond in showing love and care for their families. Don’t forget to Tweet and personally greet your mom, and other moms you admire, a Happy Mother’s Day!

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