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Celebs and online creators spread saya and Pinoy pride through the #TNTYanAngPinoyOneBreathChallenge on Tiktok

Celebs and online creators spread saya and Pinoy pride through the #TNTYanAngPinoyOneBreathChallenge on Tiktok

Celebs and online creators put their rapping skills to the test by taking on the latest TikTok trend, the #TNTYanAngPinoyOneBreathChallenge featuring the mobile brand’s anthem of TNT’s ‘Yan ang Pinoy by Asia’s Soul Supreme KZ Tandingan.

“Yan Ang Pinoy” is the latest campaign of mobile brand TNT, which aims to reignite Filipino pride amid the challenges we face and encourage everyone to keep on chasing their dreams. Through the campaign, TNT and KZ also seek to positively impact especially the Kabataang Pinoys who may be looking for reassurance in pursuing their dreams.

KZ kicked off the #TNTYanAngPinoyOneBreathChallenge on TikTok, an increasingly popular platform among Filipinos who want to promote and share good vibes through creative content like fun challenges and trends. For the challenge, KZ rapped “Yan Ang Pinoy” in only one breath.

With this fun and proudly Pinoy challenge, the #TNTYanAngPinoyOneBreathChallenge has inspired other celebrities like Darren Espanto, Mimiyuuuh and, other creators to take on it and showcase the talent of Kabataang Pinoys.


Are you up for a challenge mga KaTropa? Ilabas na ang talents at maki-duet with me sa #TNTYanAngPinoyOneBreathChallenge

♬ original sound - KZ

PAHABAAN DAW OH! HUMINGA!! TO TALAGA!!Ilabas na ang talents at maki-duet with me sa #TNTYanAngPinoyOneBreathChallenge! LEZ GAW!!!!!!! @@kztandingan

♬ original sound - mimiyuuuh

Mga KaTropa! Samahan niyo ako gawin ang #TNTYanAngPinoyOneBreathChallenge ni Ate @kztandingan . Ibida niyo ang galing niyo, duet and tag me and @tntph !

♬ original sound - Darren Espanto

#duet with @kztandingan Pop dreamer #UPGRADE @upgradeofficial UPGRADE_Casey#TNTYanAngPinoyOneBreathChallenge #PoPinoyTV5#TNTPopinoy

♬ original sound - KZ

Jump in on the challenge on TikTok using the hashtag #TNTYanAngPinoyOneBreathChallenge for a chance to be selected and featured by KZ Tandingan! Follow TNT’s official social media accounts for more updates.

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