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Carousell partners with Premium Warranty Services to boost buyers’ trust in second-hand cars 

Carousell partners with Premium Warranty Services to boost buyers’ trust in second-hand cars 

 Carousell, one of the country’s largest and fastest-growing classified marketplaces, and Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc., (PWSPI), the Japanese company known for providing top-quality inspection for used cars, have partnered to launch Carousell Autos Inspected and Warranty, a program designed to provide buyers of second-hand cars confidence and peace of mind when searching for vehicles in the Carousell platform.

Under the partnership, PWSPI will provide its comprehensive 188-point inspection process to secondhand vehicles listed on Carousell. Listed used automobiles that have undergone PWSPI’s inspection process will carry the Carousell Autos “Inspected” badge.

This new feature enables prospective used car buyers to download a detailed inspection report from PWSPI for every vehicle listing carrying the “Inspected” badge.  

Qualified vehicles will now carry an “Eligible for Warranty” badge so buyers can easily look for this badge if they want to purchase used cars that qualify for warranty. Listings with the “Eligible for Warranty” badge ensures that the buyers’ investment is safe from any hidden faults, defects, and sudden breakdown.

“We are excited to work with PWSPI to strengthen our used car offerings on the platform. Most buyers have doubts and uncertainty when buying second-hand cars. Our partnership with PWSPI is a reflection of our commitment to promote quality listings on our platform. Buyers only need to look for the “Inspected” or “Eligible for Warranty” badge to identify vehicles that have undergone the comprehensive inspection process by Premium,” said Ralph Garcia, Country Marketing Head of Carousell Philippines.

Garcia added that 85% of Filipino buyers hesitate to purchase second-hand because they find it difficult to ascertain the quality of a product. But with the Carousell Autos “Inspected” feature, which is available for free, buyers can now see the real condition of the car. They can also avail of worry-free ownership with Warranty for as low as P22.80 per day.

Meanwhile, PWSPI Chairman Vince Socco said that they are delighted to forge the partnership with Carousell as they envision changing the way Filipinos perceive the secondhand car market.

 “We’re very happy to work with a group as invested as Carousell and share the same vision to enhance the purchasing and ownership experience of pre-owned cars in the country. We’ve learned that as much as 59% of customers shopping for a second-hand vehicle search through an online portal and tapping the most popular one for vehicles was the most viable choice for us. Our main goal is ultimately to help the Filipino used car buyers with this partnership, PWSPI can achieve this on a much larger scale,” said Socco.

Together, Carousell and PWSPI envision a vastly improved customer experience for second-hand vehicles by creating a transparent and trusted car marketplace where buyers can have a clear understanding of the condition of each listed car so they can purchase with assurance and confidence. 

Check out listings of second-hand cars with the “Inspected” or “Eligible for Warranty” badges at www.carousell.ph.


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