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‘Care with Confidence’ even in a busy NICU using GE Healthcare’s Panda Incubator

‘Care with Confidence’ even in a busy NICU using GE Healthcare’s Panda Incubator

Once an infant enters the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the first rush of pain dawns upon their immediate family. There’s no denying that it’s difficult to watch a fragile baby get tucked inside an incubator, transported to a room full of big equipment, and be separated from their parents. However, it’s one of the sad realities people in hospitals must face every day.

The NICU is both scary and amusing. It is a place where you get to see infants afflicted with different kinds of ailments given a fighting chance at life through medical intervention. This facility tends to both the newborn patients and their worried families, making sure that sick infants are provided the necessary attention they need while also comforting their parents and siblings.

The struggle is real, not just for the preemie parents, but also for the nurses working inside the NICU. More often than not, they are required to exude grace under pressure. Every day, they are faced with life and death situations, but these nurses give their best to support parents and provide special care and attendance to the babies.

Since the NICU environment is usually surrounded by worried parents and fragile infants, the stress can get overwhelming for nurses, so they will need all the help they can get in carrying out their responsibilities.

Maintain Mental Agility

Studies prove that newborns are the most unstable patients. They can easily acquire viruses and other diseases. As a NICU nurse, they should always keep in mind the exact dosages and specific medical requirements of every infant for they act second in command to neonatologists when it comes to handling the babies’ medical needs. The mental agility of nurses plays a big role in the survival of the babies, contributing to their development and recovery. A good piece of equipment can help nurses maintain their mental agility, in turn improving their patients’ chances of survival.

Staying Ethical

The ethical code of Nurses should be followed at all times inside the NICU. There would come a moment where nurses are faced with emotional concerns from patient families, especially when they have to let go of a baby. In situations like this, no textbook can teach nurses the right approach. The best resort is to muster a calm and composed attitude, whether dealing with difficult situations or not.

Obtain Quality Equipment

In order to provide optimum care for the babies, NICU nurses must ensure every machine in the area is not just functioning but also effective. It is encouraged that hospitals acquire top-of-the-line equipment for favorable results when it comes to patient care.

Innovative yet intuitive, GE Healthcare’s new Panda Incubator is easy to operate; its compact, flexible design combines the clinical support you can rely on with the stable thermal performance babies need. Nurses may consider it another warm and helping hand. With it, they can confidently manage a high-volume NICU and special care nursery, redefining simplicity and reimagining operations.

The Panda Incubator makes use of precise thermoregulation with specific time frames for every procedure. It also has 50 percent fewer parts for cleaning than comparable models, making it possible to be disassembled and reassembled easily, ensuring increased staff productivity. Abiding by technology demands, this incubator uses a smartphone-like user interface, context-specific alarm and patient-based temperature suggestions that allow staff to be trained quickly and focus their attention on patient care.

With so much depending on the equipment, the nurses can feel confident in the technology that they and their babies can rely on.

GE Healthcare’s Panda Incubator is exclusively distributed by HealthSolutions Enterprises Inc., the country’s one-stop-shop for high quality medical equipment, devices and supplies, and clinical diagnostics.

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