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Break free from weight loss and monitor health with Realme Band now available at Shopee

Break free from weight loss and monitor health with Realme Band now available at Shopee

As the feared coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the nation many gyms are still closed. You are then force to stay-at-home, you searched for ways on how to stay fit and active.

And there’s only so much we can do from the boundaries of our home while we are practicing social distancing. This June 12, break free from weight loss as we celebrate our Independence Day giving you these small simple ideas to keep you active and fit despite being stuck at home amid the outbreak.

Get help from your dog.

You can do brisk walking around your home together with your dog its an ideal exercise for both human and hound. It makes your heart stronger, lower blood pressure, gain more energy and a lower risk of depression.

Fetch a ball or your pets favorite toy over and over as you do lunges or abdominal crunches as you throw it.

Zumba Workout.

Zumba is a exercise fitness program created during the 1990s. It’s very simple just dance to a great music and follow the steps to let burn a ton of calories without even realizing it. There are tons of Zumba videos on YouTube you can choose and easily dance inside your home. It’s great for weight loss, body toning, boosts your hearth, de-stress and improves coordination.

Prison-style Workout.

If you’re living in a small limited space, no internet and without exercise equipment you can try these prison-style workout routines. It consists of several simple exercises: Jumping Jacks, Squat Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Push-ups, Sit-ups and Planks. Just simply do all the said exercises, stop and then do them again.

While you are doing these set of activities, it is better to pair it with realme Philippines first fitness wearable the realme Band now available at Shopee for only PHP1,390.

The realme Band integrates an intelligent sports tracker with nine sports modes to match the users’ passion for fitness. It has a built-in high-precision PPG optical 24/7 heart rate sensor that accurately measures real-time heart rate every 5 minutes.

The realme Band’s 0.96-inch large color screen has an easy-click touch button for ease of use. The lightweight device has a simple yet premium design that is also ergonomic and can fit most wrists comfortably.

The realme Band is available in three colors: Black, Green and Yellow. The band can last up to 9 days per charge and can easily charge via its built-in USB Direct Plug.

For more product information or shop realme products, simply visit https://shopee.ph/realmeofficialstore.

If you’re looking for amazing deals, please visit http://www.shopee.ph/ or download the Shopee app for free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store to learn more.


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Raymund Ravanera is an accomplished and experienced graphic designer with almost 20 years of creative expertise working in the graphic design industry. He loves the latest gadgets, food and movies. Currently, he owns and manages megabites.com.ph, an online technology and lifestyle blog since 2015.

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