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Avoid faulty windshield installation with Comglasco Aguila Glass

Avoid faulty windshield installation with Comglasco Aguila Glass

If the car was bought second-hand or was involved in an accident, it is highly likely that the windshield had to be replaced and that its previous installers had used substandard glass or sealed the windshield incorrectly.

The helpful article you’re reading right now explains how to identify the warning signs of a poor windshield replacement. Aside from the engine, which every Filipino buyer thoroughly checks, the windshield is one of the most valuable parts of your car, so make sure you don’t take it for granted.

Wavy glass 

When viewed in the daytime, the windshield glass of your car would need to appear evenly smooth. If it appears to have any waves or bumps, it’s an indication that the glass was of poor quality.

Water leakage

Leaks are always bad news. Whether you’ve just noticed one in the car wash or your windshield leaks when it rains, there may be two major causes:

  • The adhesive used to install windshields is not applied correctly. It may result in gaps between the car’s body and the windscreen.
  • Due to rust, the car’s body develops tiny holes, which could allow water to leak through.

You hear rattling noises or vibrations at high speed 

The next time you’re driving down the highway at high speed and you hear a rattling sound, turn off your car’s air conditioning and speakers to improve your hearing. No matter how light the sounds are, it’s essential to have them checked. What you are most likely hearing is the sound of wind entering the holes and cracks where your windshield was incorrectly placed.

The frame still contains the old adhesive

A skilled technician will completely replace all of the worn-out components of a damaged window with brand-new ones. If the old factory adhesive is not removed, the new adhesive will not be able to seal the glass and create a waterproof frame. At Comglasco Aguila Glass, our specialists make sure to scrape out the old seal and replace it with a new one.

Quality of glass

Sadly, some companies are willing to compromise quality in order to save a little money at the expense of their clients. A newly installed windshield should offer perfect visibility, according to the manufacturer’s standards. To make sure your windshield glass fits well and lasts, you need to get it from a reputable auto glass company and auto glass supplier like Comglasco Aguila Glass.

We’ve also provided the following tips for you to use if you’re the first owner of your car and getting a new windshield, so you can tell if the windshield replacement was done incorrectly.

Single-man installation

If only one person worked on windshield replacement, that’s a clue. Installing a windshield requires a lot of balancing, timing, and accuracy that can only be done by a pair of technicians. You can always have the windshield inspected by another specialist, which you can find at any Comglasco Aguila branch nearby, if you’re worried about potential issues caused by the lack of a backup technician.

The technicians were not wearing gloves 

If nitrile gloves are not worn, the quality of your new auto glass replacement may suffer. Urethane is used to cover the outside of the windshield glass. This is needed to keep the glass in the right place. Because human hands are naturally oily, a technician working without gloves will likely be coating the glass with their own natural oils. When the oils mix with the urethane, the strength of the glue may be weakened, which could lead to leaks.

The installers must inform you not to drive away immediately

In order for the adhesives holding a new windshield in place to cure and solidify, which usually takes a few hours, the installers must warn you not to drive away immediately after installation. If you drive your car before the adhesive has had an opportunity to do this, the glass may shift while you’re driving. Even the smallest bumps in the road will shift the vehicle. Therefore, if you drive your car within the first few hours after the new glass installation, it is almost guaranteed that the glass isn’t sitting properly.

What should you do if you notice these problems?

Take these warning flags seriously at all costs. Even if you don’t mind a bit of extra noise or moisture while you’re driving, these issues are only symptoms of bigger issues. You, other drivers, and pedestrians all face a safety risk if you keep driving a vehicle with a windshield that was improperly installed. You can only address these issues by bringing your car for an inspection to a reputable auto glass company like Comglasco Aguila Glass. We give you an honest assessment of the state of your windshield and a recommendation for the next steps you need to take.


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