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Are you an LED or OLED TV Kind of Person? Let Sony guide you in these two display technologies
Are you an LED or OLED TV Kind of Person? Let Sony guide you in these two display technologies

Are you an LED or OLED TV Kind of Person? Let Sony guide you in these two display technologies

When choosing the right TV for your home, you may need to consider a few factors in order to fully embrace an immersive viewing experience. If done wisely, you can transform your living room into a mini home theater. With a wide range of options for TV that are now available in the market, from LED TV to OLED display, it is vital to know that the extra “O” between OLED and LED makes a difference in these two display technologies. 

As a clear leader for both LED and OLED technology, Sony has been involved in research, development, and production for years, and can claim many first with these technologies.

Both technologies offer outstanding realism, slim designs, and sharp images, thanks to Sony 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme. This newly developed processor has 40% more real-time image processing; it takes everything you watch and upscales it to near 4K HDR quality. The major difference between the two comes with their backlight requirement. LED displays offer better reduced energy consumption, with an outstanding contrast and a great color range. Meanwhile, OLED TVs provide much wider viewing angles than LED.

Wishing for that theater experience in the comforts of your own home? The Organic Light Emitting Diode or “OLED” delivers unparalleled black, infinite contrast and color which tends to look best in a darkened or dim room which is ideal for your movie and series binge watching. Every detail is visible with its self-illuminating pixel, making every movie more realistic and immersive.

On the other hand, LED TVs use LCD display technology and LED backlight to irradiate the screen so the picture looks vivid even with the lights on. Whether you are going for that game night or streaming the latest match on TV, Sony has got you covered.

The Sony 4K Ultra HD TV models deliver the goods with their wide range of selection of OLED and LED TVs where one can choose from depending on your preference. Sony’s 2018 TV line-up comes with different designs that brings cutting edge technology from picture, sound, design, and beyond into your home. As Sony continues to partner with Google Assist all of the 4K models will be based on the ‘Android TV’ platform. These stunning TVs whether OLED or LED, bring a new meaning in streaming your favorite movies, series, documentaries, and sports.

For more information, visit www.sony.com.ph, like facebook.com/SonyPhilippines, or follow twitter.com/SonyPHinc and Instagram.com/sonyPHInc.

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