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AMDABiDSS-Health: Mindanao’s First Research Center that used Interdisciplinary Quantitative Approaches with Improved Disease Surveillance Techniques

AMDABiDSS-Health: Mindanao’s First Research Center that used Interdisciplinary Quantitative Approaches with Improved Disease Surveillance Techniques

The Center for Applied Modeling, Data Analytics and Bioinformatics for Decision Support Systems in Health, dubbed as AMDABiDSS-Health, has continued to support different agencies, local government units, universities, and organizations in different regions of Mindanao. The center targets to have enhanced disease surveillance, foster interdisciplinary collaborations, offer solutions tailored for the diverse setting of Mindanao, act as a hub for innovation and technology development, and lead in interdisciplinary approaches for research, education, and outreach. This research center in the region is composed of four (4) projects:

Project 1 PPASTOL: Predictive Modeling and Viral Phylodynamic Analysis on the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Disease Outbreaks with considerations for Control and Logistics applied in Mindanao region (Project Leader: Dr. May Anne E. Mata)

Project 2 RESILIEMC: Risk Management and Enhanced Survival Analysis Integrated through Longitudinal Infectious Disease Data and Statistical Epidemiological Model using Clinical Risk Factors (Project Leader: Dr. Gernelyn T. Logrosa)

Project 3 VATAS: Vulnerability Assessment Tool: A Decision Support System for Pre-Emptive Preparedness on Emerging Infections Among Animal Reservoir in Urban Green Spaces (Project Leader: Mr. Vonn Carlo P. De la Torre)

Project 4 iWAS: Integrated Wastewater-Based Epidemiology and Data Analytics for Community-Level Pathogen Surveillance and Genetic Tracking: Proof-of-Concept (Project Leader: Dr. Lyre Anni E. Murao)

The program has continued to strive for excellence in terms of giving services through research, training, and workshops. During the first quarter of the current year, the center has also accommodated interns from different schools and universities such as Davao Christian High School, Philippine Science High School (Davao and Zamboanga Campus), and Far Eastern University. With the aim of extending services in the Mindanao region, the center has successfully gained partnerships with different government agencies and organizations in giving health-related information to the public and providing research that will support their respective cities/provinces.

Dr. May Anne E. Mata, the program leader of AMDABiDSS-Health said during the National Science Technology Week, “We hope that by the support of DOST-NICER along with the cooperation among the proponents within the mother institution and the collaborators, AMDABiDSS-Health will come into fruition as we look forward to helping provide sustainable solutions in a localized context with national and global perspective.”


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