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Ambi Climate Makes Air Conditioners AI-Powered and Smart

Ambi Climate Makes Air Conditioners AI-Powered and Smart

It is time to redefine the air conditioner by making it more intelligent and enhanced comfort with the help of Ambi Climate. The new smart device was unveiled last December 4 at the Moon Rabbit Café in San Juan with Arnold Co, General Manager of Modularity Electronics Inc. leading the presentation and demo.

The Ambi Climate began as a small KickStarter, a popular global crowdfunding platform, that was released around 4 years ago which pushed the company to produce the technology and sell it to consumers. It also gained nice reviews coming from famous online tech sites such as Engadget, Digital Trends, CNet, Geek Culture, M eviews, GadgetGuy, Financial Times, IT News, Mashable and more.

The Ambi Climate is a small lightweight device which is made of durable plastic with three LED indicators carved within the case and a motion sensor right next to its logo. It has a silicone band located on the bottom of the device so it remains stable in any flat surface. Overall it sports a premium look and we like the additional wooden base design.

Ambi Climate can work in any air conditioner provided that it has an LCD screen remote-controlled AC, whether it’s a window, wall-mounted or portable AC. It’s compatible with 50 brands and 1,200 AC models and setting up the Ambi Climate is just simple, since no learning or programming of the remote control is required. You can check your remote compatibility at remotes.ambiclimate.com or contact their support team for more details.

Features of the Ambi Climate

  • It has voice control and integrations which you can communicate with Alexa, Google Home or Siri to command them to provide you the best comfort and control of your AC. You can use IFTTT and an open API for the ultimate Smart Home experience.
  • You can set timers and schedules to manage your home’s condition at any time.
  • Simple installation! Its just plug and play with simply downloading the app, powering the device which takes only 5 minutes to install.
  • With the In-App Insights and Feedback the AI from Ambi Climate will learn from you the comfort level you want and auto-adjust to cater to your needs.
  • You can create a comfort profile to maintain an optimal environment you want and for Ambi Climate to adapt or balance the environment setting you need.
  • Multi-user geolocation intelligently switches your AC based on your pre-set radius, or automatically turns it off when you leave, using geofencing and your phone’s location, and considering everyone at home.

The Ambi Climate is now available in the Philippines with a suggested retail price of PHP 7,995 in the following retail outlets: SM Appliance: Aura, SM Appliance: Powerplant Mall, SM Appliance: Megamall, Powermac Center: Megamall, Powermac Center: SM Aura, Powermac Center: Greenbelt, Powermac Center: Trinoma and Powermac Center: Festival Mall. You can avail it online via: Lazmall: https://bit.ly/2OR1FZC or Shopee Mall: https://bit.ly/2sP4WA5

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