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Allianz PNB Life Customers to get free access to Allianz Healthbox Perks, including unlimited teleconsultation

Allianz PNB Life Customers to get free access to Allianz Healthbox Perks, including unlimited teleconsultation

All Allianz PNB Life customers will receive for free the perks of Allianz Healthbox, an ecosystem that supports health and wellness by pooling all relevant health products and services in one place for easy and convenient access.

This includes free and unlimited 24/7 teleconsultation for 30 days via Healthbox partner, KonsultaMD.

In addition, Allianz Health customers or policyowners of Allianz Health plans such as Allianz Well, its P100M International Health Plan and Allianz eAZy Health, its Critical Illness plan will be offered better discounts and other perks such as free medicine delivery, free home service, and free expert medical opinion.

“This shows how Allianz PNB Life puts our customers at the center of what we do,” said President Alexander Grenz. “We want to move beyond just a payer of claims and more like a true partner in health. Allianz Healthbox is that program that allows our customers to get what they need for their health needs in a convenient way, giving extra value beyond just any form of claims.”

Typically, an insurance company is remembered only when a claim is made of them. What Allianz PNB Life aims to do with Healthbox is to be an ever-present service that increases the frequency of interactions between the company and its customers, giving more value than just during periods of medical need, all available in one easy facility.

The services that Allianz Healthbox customers can avail of include the teleconsultation with KonsultaMD, medicines delivered for free from Generika, nutrient testing via Metametrics, and nutrigenetics testing via EasyDNA.

“The Allianz Healthbox ecosystem will serve as a central platform for our customers to take care of their personal health and lifestyle. We will create more value for them by giving preferred access to excellent health-related services. A number of exciting and unique partnerships are already in place and more will be onboarded in the coming months for a more holistic customer experience,” added Grenz.

Allianz PNB Life prioritizes partners that are digital-first and offer remote or home services so that customers can continue to take care of their health in the comfort of their residences.

Click here for a full list of Allianz Healthbox ecosystem partners to get a view of the wide scope of available perks for Allianz PNB Life customers.


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