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All-new Hino 300 Series light-duty trucks designed to support and handle business operations

All-new Hino 300 Series light-duty trucks designed to support and handle business operations

With strict quarantine protocols and transport restrictions reinstated in high-risk parts of the country, the logistics industry continues to play a vital role in sustaining both the economy and consumers. To help support the growing and evolving demands of the industry, Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), the exclusive distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines, introduces the newest addition to its growing roster of light-duty trucks—the all-new Hino 300 Series.

Built for durability and usability, the all-new Hino 300 Series is designed to support business owners looking to invest in light-duty trucks that can handle heavy-duty operations. The introduction of the new units comes at an opportune time with the e-commerce industry thriving and suppliers and retailers requiring reliable trucks to transport essential goods.

“We recognize the importance of the local transport and logistics industry given the challenges the country is currently facing. As the country works toward economic recovery, HMP will continue providing Total Support to its customers and lifetime value to Filipinos and the country. With the introduction of our all-new Hino 300 Series, we hope to not only support local suppliers and retailers in responding to the current demands of the market but also to help them in expanding to other businesses and finding new opportunities,” HMP President, Mitsuharu Tabata shares.

All-new Hino 300 Series: The reliable on-road transport partner

The all-new Hino 300 Series light-duty trucks is equipped with the following features:

  • A Euro 4-compliant, fuel-efficient engine that can help businesses save costs especially for long drives.
  • 4-cylinder diesel engine runs on an electric control common rail fuel injection system designed to deliver high-power and high-efficiency performance.
  • One variant also includes a 6-speed Automatic Transmission, where the electronic control ensures shifts, including overdrives, in any road conditions are carried out with ease.
  • The new transmission likewise allows optimized engine braking, an expanded lock-up range, lower fuel consumption on idle and an overall quieter ride.

To ensure driver convenience, the cab interior has been upgraded with a bigger meter display for easier reading, improved power doors and windows, and ergonomically designed seats for more room and comfort. SRS Airbags and Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) have also been installed in some Hino 300 Series variants for increased driver and passenger safety.


The all-new Hino 300 Series, which comes in the narrow and wide cab variants, is now available in all Hino 3S dealerships nationwide. To request a quotation and to get more information about the all-new Hino 300 Series and other Hino products, visit Hino’s website or official Facebook page.


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